10 Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety at Home

by - March 28, 2020

With the ongoing pandemic that the world is experiencing today, it's no surprise that most of us are feeling stressed and anxious. I'm struggling too, so I understand the feeling. The reason why I'm writing this is not only to give you tips on how to relieve stress and anxiety but also to instill into my own mind that there are plenty of ways to overcome these challenges. Because just like you, I'm struggling with stress and anxiety too.

If you are an extrovert like me: for sure, this quarantine is driving you crazy too! I hate that I can't go out, do my errands, go to work, or meet with my friends. I really don't like being stuck doing continuous boring routines at home. Just thinking that I'll be doing it for a month (or maybe even more) is so stressful for me. I'm the kind of person who looks forward to plans of going out and doing my thing without feeling isolated and restricted.

We are on enhanced community quarantine here in the Philippines. And since we cannot go out: for sure, we are already lacking fresh air, exercise (like walking), exposure to sun, social interaction, among other things. We can't do the things we used to be able to do outside. We can't even do grocery errands (freely) or go malling! Imagine being in our homes for a month, we Filipinos would be like this meme on April for sure:

We are in a difficult time right now and I would love to help with the stress and anxiety you might be feeling. Because like you, I'm struggling to keep up too.

10 Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety At Home

1. Set a routine

When on quarantine, we have this never-ending thought of uncertainty. It feels like we are stuck in a rut. We are at-home having a simple routine of waking up, working on the computer, eating, and sleeping. That's an unhealthy cycle. Make sure you have a routine for yourself that doesn't just involve work, sleeping, and eating. For example, work out, take a relaxing bath, do your makeup/make yourself look presentable (even at home), cook, do your hobby, etc.

2. Listen to calming music

Believe me, this works. There are many songs/sounds on YouTube that's all about calming your mind. There's also this one time I listened to music for headache and it magically stopped.

While listening to these songs, you can close your eyes, breathe in, breathe out, and just focus on your breathing. Meditate.

Here are some samples of songs on YouTube: Click to go to YouTube

3. Get some sunlight and fresh air

If you have a balcony or a window, that will suffice. If it is important that you have a glimpse of the outside world from time to time, then this is a step you shouldn't miss. Since you can't go out, make sure you still have some fresh air/sunlight. While looking outside, observe the buildings, the houses, the birds, the trees, and just think of the good possibilities out there. Think of good, and positive thoughts. If you can't think of one, meditate, breathe in, breathe out, and just focus on your breathing.

4. Workout/Exercise

Working out is one of the most recommended tips to relieve stress and anxiety. Exercise releases happy hormones or endorphins into our bodies that will help us look at the world from a different and positive perspective. If you are not a workout person, you can just clean the house and move around the house more, just to keep your body engaged.

5. Learn a new hobby/Practice your skills

Believe it or not, it's never too late to learn a new hobby at home. If you don't know how to cook, this is your time to learn to be creative with cooking, since your resources are limited. Search for new recipes on YouTube or the internet. If you want to learn drawing, you can grab a paper and pen then draw. If you want to start reading, there are many free ebooks on the internet. If you want to learn how to sing, then there are many tutorials on YouTube that you can follow.

Learn/Practice Skills on Skillshare or YouTube

6. Keep in touch with your loved ones

No man is an island. Everyone needs some socialization in their lives. We are lucky to be in the world of social media. We can easily reach out to our loved ones through our phones.

Make sure to regularly message your friends/family or video chat them. You need to get in touch with important people in your life... or else you'll go crazy being alone.

7. Pamper yourself

Pampering yourself doesn't mean spas or salons. It can be done at home by focusing on your skincare/wellness. If you don't have face masks, you can do DIY face masks at home or just have a nice calming bath. And while doing them, you can listen to calming songs, read a book, and just enjoy the tranquility.

8. Have some downtime from Social Media

Stop scrolling through your social media feed. At times like this, people have more time to post negativities on social media. Like you, they are stressed out by the situation we are in right now. Take a break and stop scrolling. Also, give a couple of hours to watch the news but not the entire day. All the negativities in the news will drain you out. Just get an idea of what's happening around then stop focusing too much on it.

9. Read a book or listen to podcasts

Read self-improvement books and listen to podcasts. These will keep your mind positive. These will give you hope that everything is fine and all will be back to normal soon. If you have a balcony or an open area at home, you are lucky. You can read a book or listen to podcasts while hanging out and getting some fresh air. Look for a comfortable place to sit down and read/listen. I recommended some on a previous post that you might like. You may refer to the link below:

5 Self-Help Books and Podcasts that Changed my Life

10. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water

Taking care of our bodies is also taking care of our minds. If we eat healthy, we won't feel sluggish and lazy. Unhealthy/greasy foods have a negative impact on our bodies that just make us too lazy to move. And when we are too lazy to move, it makes us think that we are unproductive, or worse, negative thoughts will flood into our minds. So make sure to eat healthy since this also contributes to a positive outlook in life.

Also, make sure to drink plenty of water. We need this since we don't want to be dehydrated in times like these.

That's all for our 10 ways to relieve stress and anxiety at home. Always think that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel and that everything will be alright. I pray for you and your family's safety. I hope we get over these trying times soon. All will be well so don't worry, just keep on moving and continue life even when at home.

I hope you find this post helpful! If you have anything to add on the list, feel free to comment them down below. Keep safe everyone and have a good day!

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  1. Your tips to manage stress is helpful to reduce my work stress. So, thanks for sharing. To relax mind I started taking stress relief oil massage. These both tips are so good to handle stress.