VLOG: Affordable Everyday Fresh Makeup Look (2020 Routine)

by - February 28, 2020

Before February ends, I want to share with you my everyday makeup routine for the year 2020. This makeup look is always my favorite. It's easy, simple, and the products I use are very affordable. Most are drugstore products so you can buy them at the nearest malls in your area. And because you are special to me, I included a vlog to show you how I prep and wear my makeup!

Products Used
To know more about the products, you may click their respective links below.

For prepping the face:
You can watch my routine on my vlog, it's in Tagalog (mixed with English) though. If you don't understand Tagalog and you're curious about my current makeup routine, you may refer to the steps in English below:

  1. It's important to first prep the face before wearing makeup. For prepping: I use Fresh Formula Glass Skin Series Rosy Glow Toner and Morning Glow Serum with SPF 45.
  2. I don't like chapped lips. I make sure to wear a lip balm as one of my prepping steps. For the lips, I used Nivea Watermelon Shine Lip Balm.
  3. Since I'm oily, it is important to moisturize my face as well. For my moisturizer, I use Fresh Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice Gel Lotion.
  4. Now that were done with the skincare part; it's time to use a face primer for the makeup to stick better. This primer also serves as a barrier between your skin and the makeup you use. For my primer, I use LA Girl Pro Matte HD Face Primer.
  5. I don't use foundation daily. So for my base; I use Ponds BB Magic Powder. I only apply this with my hands like a typical High School girl 

  6. I draw my brows using Careline Better Than Basic Best Brow Liner in Taupe and blend it using the spoolie that comes along with the product.
  7. I brush my stray brows up using Squad Cosmetics Brow Mascara with Fiber in Taupe. Go easy on applying this mascara since this product can be a little pigmented. We are going for a more natural look so use light hands when applying.
  8. For my blush, I use Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Stain in Toast of New York. Make sure to blend it as fast as you can since this dries really quick.You don't want patches of blush on your cheeks, right?
  9. I bronze/contour my nose, cheeks, and jaw using Pink Sugar Single Pan Blusher/Bronzer in Morocco. I love how universal this product is! I can also use this as an eyeshadow for my lids to give a little extra something on my eyes.
  10. I seal my gel cheek stain applied earlier with a powder blush. For this step, I use Vice Cosmetics Aura Duo in Superstar and the blush brush from Anne Clutz Brushes Beginner Brush Set.
  11. Next, for the natural glow, I use the highlighter from the same Vice Cosmetics Aura Duo in Superstar. I use the big blender brush from Anne Clutz Brushes Beginner Brush Set to apply my highlighter.
  12. For my lips, I use Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Roller in Toast of New York. I apply this lip tint with two layers; and after each layer, I make sure to blot my lips using a piece of tissue paper.
  13. To make my lip color long lasting, I wear Tony Moly Lip and Cheek Tint Delight with two layers. After the first application, I blot my lips. No need to blot again after the second application.
  14. To seal everything off, I use Luxe Organix Beauty Mist by Anne Clutz. This beauty mist will not only make your makeup long lasting. It also gives a more natural glow to the face.
That's it! You might think that this is a long makeup routine but I swear, it is really quick and easy. Sometimes, I can do everything for just 5 minutes. I don't know how I do it too. LOL. Anyway, I'm also curious about your current makeup routine. Feel free to share them on the comment section below.

Thank you for reading and see you on my next blog. Bye!

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