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by - February 26, 2020

Goolai Premium Salad and Dressing Review

They always say that our health journey should compose of 80% diet and 20% exercise. If you've struggled everyday going to the gym or working out at home, but still still haven't lost weight; it is likely that there is something wrong with your diet.

Here in the Philippines, eating healthy is really hard, especially if you are busy with work or personal life. I bet, you typically use these as excuses to eat fast food. But today, you won't have any excuses for not eating healthy! Goolai PH provides a convenient way to incorporate nutritious, delicious vegetables into your diet!

About Goolai PH
Goolai Premium Salad and Dressing Review

Goolai is a brand owned by Agri-Growers Multi-Purpose Cooperative that offers premium salads and delivers them straight to your doorstep. They seek to become a self-sustaining business, where they produce their own veggies and grow their own animals. Their integrated farm converts wastes, leftovers, and by-products into natural fertilizers and food for their farm animals. Rest assured that Goolai's salads are all-natural and free of harmful chemicals.

By choosing Goolai: you'll not only contribute to your overall health but, you'll also contribute to organic farming. Last, but definitely not least; you'll provide sustainable livelihood to their local farmers, salad makers, and delivery men.

Salads from Goolai
Goolai offers different varieties of premium salads which you can order from their website. It will be a hard decision choosing which salad to get; but it is fun, I tell you!

Goolai Premium Salad and Dressing Review

As seen on the image above, they have many options to choose from. What I love about Goolai is that on their website, they also include the calories, serving size, and the ingredients in your salad (see information in the red box on the image above). Ahead, you'll know which salad to avoid if you are allergic to a certain ingredient.

  • These salads' availability depends on the scheduled salads for the day. You can check out their calendar to know which salads are available for you to order. 
  • The ingredients in the website is not the exact ingredients you'll get. For example, on my Mango Vinaigrette salad, instead of dried mangoes, they included fresh mangoes/peaches.
Salad Review
When ordering salad from some restaurants, I usually leave the table still hungry because they usually come in "diet"-sized portions. But when it comes to Goolai's salad, it's different. I never expect it to be in a big container with the veggies well-packed inside.

Goolai Premium Salad and Dressing Review

Goolai's salads come with a healthy salad dressing, and some toppings that will give more flavor to your salad. Also, the salad dressing and toppings are enough for the big container of lettuce. Hindi tinipid, kumbaga. It's really worth the money.

Goolai Premium Salad and Dressing Review
My Mango Vinaigrette salad for the day comes with corn, cashew, mangoes/peaches, etc. as toppings.

Their Mango Vinaigrette salad is very yummy! The sauce and the crunchy lettuce are the stars of the salad. It's my first time to ever try Mango Vinaigrette, so the salad is a unique experience for me. Who would have thought that I'll be able to enjoy this salad, even though I'm such a meat-lover?! I was supposed to finish it with my boyfriend but I ended up finishing it alone. LOL.

How to Order
Ordering your salad is convenient with Goolai. All you need to do is:
Reminder: Before proceeding, make sure your delivery address is within Metro Manila. 

  1. Go to https://www.goolai.ph 
  2. Go to the 'Schedule' page
  3. Choose on your preferred salad delivery date. Make sure that you schedule in advance.
  4. Click 'Buy Now' to add your salad to your Shopping Cart. They have certain salads that are only available on a certain dates. So if you already have your favorite Goolai salad, choose the date when that salad is available. Schedule it wisely!
  5. Once done ordering your salad/s, check out your shopping cart, fill in some details and pay for your salad/s.
  6. Wait for your delivery. And once the salad arrives, enjoy it!
Goolai's Details
For more details, you may:
Website: https://www.goolai.ph

Email: agrigrowers@yahoo.com
Phone: +639176314024

Location: Satellite Office: 116 Alley 1, Project 6, Quezon City
You may contact them at https://www.goolai.ph/contact

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