Beginner Makeup: How to Find the Perfect Foundation For You?

by - February 12, 2020

Beginner Makeup: How to Find the Perfect Foundation For You

The makeup industry nowadays offers a lot of options for us to use as our base. There's the liquid foundation, two-way cake foundation, powder foundation, mousse/cream foundation, BB/CC/DD cream, stick foundation, and many more.

When I say base or base makeup, this is the foundation, powder, or cream we use before we put on any other makeup like eyeshadows, blush, or lipstick.

For today, let's only focus on foundation since I really want this post to be as beginner-friendly as possible. I will discuss more details on concealer, powders, and BB/CC/DD creams on separate blog posts in the future. Don't worry, though! In the second part of this blog; I will share with you some tips on how to find the perfect foundation for your skin!

It looks like this will be a long blog post, but I do hope you'll get to learn something from me. Happy reading!

Foundation 101: Different Types of Foundation

As I've mentioned earlier; there are many kinds of foundations in the market today. There are liquid foundation, powder, mousse/cream, two-way cake, and spray foundation.

Beginner Makeup: How to Find the Perfect Foundation For You

Liquid Foundation
This foundation is now dominating the makeup industry today. Everywhere, we see bottles and bottles of liquid foundation. I understand why. Here in the Philippines where the weather is humid and we need makeup that will usually hold for the rest of the day; liquid foundation can basically offer something for oily, dry, and combination skin types. There's even a wide array of choices for liquid foundation. You can even mix colors to find the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Can be applied using: Fingers, Blending sponge, Foundation brush
Perfect for: All skin types

Powder Foundation
Powder foundation is usually catered to people with oily skin. When applied; the powder foundation helps absorb and control the oils produced by the skin. Compared with liquid foundation; powder foundation usually doesn't have much coverage on the skin - and so, some use these kinds of foundation to seal off their wet foundation (eg. liquid, mousse/cream, stick, spray) instead of using powder.

Can be applied using: Makeup Sponge (comes with the packaging), Powder brush
Perfect for: Oily skin

Mousse/Cream Foundation
The formula of cream foundations are thick and heavy. They are usually in compact packaging or tubs. Most cream foundations are catered to people with dry skin. Since cream/mousse foundations have good coverage; you can use this foundation for covering up any blemishes, and dry patches on your skin.

Can be applied using: Fingers, Blending sponge, Foundation brush
Perfect for: Dry skin, Skin with acne marks/scars

Stick Foundation
This is a solidified form of liquid/cream foundation that tends to give good coverage. Since it is packaged as a stick; this kind of foundation usually is more dense than the cream and liquid foundation. Considering the application, stick foundations are less messy to apply than the liquid and cream foundation. No need to dab the product all over your face using your fingers. Applying it with the stick itself and blending with a foundation brush/blending sponge is enough. Hooray for clean fingertips!

Can be applied using: Fingers, Blending sponge, Foundation brush
Perfect for: Dry skin, Skin with acne marks/scars

Two-Way Cake Foundation
I commonly see two-way cake foundations here in the Philippines. A two-way cake foundation is a combination of powder and liquid/cream foundation. Meaning: two-way cakes can be in the form of a powder foundation and when used with a wet sponge, it can be in the form of a cream foundation. It can provide more coverage when applied with a wet sponge. However, since it is a hybrid foundation, don't expect the coverage performance of a liquid nor a cream foundation.

Can be applied using: Makeup sponge (comes with the packaging), Blending sponge, Powder brush
Perfect for: All skin types

Spray Foundation
I'm not sure if it's just me, but I don't see a lot of spray foundations here in the Philippines. I just included it here so that you'll be aware that there's spray foundation available in the international market. Let me know in the comments if you know any brands.

How to Find the Perfect Foundation for You?

When choosing your foundation, you need to take into consideration the following:

What's your skin type?
Is it oily/acne-prone, dry, or do you have combination skin? When you have combination skin, you usually oil up in some areas of your face and get dry in other areas. In choosing foundation, make sure to use our Foundation 101 above to know the kind of foundation for you.

What's your skin undertone? 
Is it pink/cool, yellow/warm, or neutral? To know your skin undertone, look at the veins on your wrist. What's the color of your veins? 

Image from: ANS Jewellery Salem

  • Green - yellow/warm undertone
  • Blue or Purple - pink/cool undertone
  • Combination of blue and green, or can't determine the color - neutral undertone
Is your skin acidic? 
Your skin is acidic if you have redness and irritation on your skin. Acidic skin tends to be dried and so skin is prone to flaking. If you have acidic skin, usually, your makeup turns a shade darker.

If you have acidic skin, choose a foundation that's one or two shades lighter than the normal color of your skin.

Do you have sensitive skin? 
You need to check for foundation that doesn't contain chemicals that might irritate your skin. For more information about the ingredients that you need to avoid, check out:

Do you have mature skin (fine lines/wrinkles)?
Avoid drying foundation, especially foundations that reside between the folds of your skin. Choose a foundation that's more hydrating - with blurring effect. Mature skin is tricky, actually. It is more about how you apply makeup, since you need to prep your face before application to maximize the performance of your foundation.

What are the seasons in your country?
If you're from the Philippines, there are only two seasons. There is the wet (rainy) and dry (summer) season. Let's consider rainy like the winter season in a four season country just for reference. 

During winter/fall, your skin is much lighter and prone to dryness so it is suggested to use liquid or cream-based foundations. Make sure to moisturize, or apply a face mist on your face before applying the foundation to avoid caking your foundation.

During summer/spring, your skin is darker than usual. Your skin is prone to oiliness as well due to sun exposure. It is suggested to use powder or light cream foundations.

Thanks to my friend, Kimmi of @kimmiangela for giving the tips on picking foundations for seasons.

How to Choose the Perfect Foundation Shade for You?

If you're still having a hard time choosing the perfect foundation shade for you. Try testing out foundation samples at the mall/makeup counters. Try out different foundation shades by swiping the foundation on your jaw to your neck. Give it a couple of minutes to set. This is so that you'll know how the different foundation you've tested are going to set on your skin. Example: if you have acidic skin, the foundation is expected to darken. Once the foundation has set, decide if the foundation shade matches perfectly with your skin color.

Beginner Makeup: How to Find the Perfect Foundation For You

Before I forget, also take into consideration the lighting where you are trying out the foundation. From what I have observed, department store or mall lights have bright, cool, fluorescent lighting. There's a possibility that the foundation has a different shade finish when out in the sun. So if you have the chance to test the foundation on direct sunlight, better.

Phew! That's a long topic we got there! I hope that with this blog post, you'll get to know more about foundations and how you'll pick the perfect foundation for you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment it below and I'll answer you as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week!

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