What's in my Bag + ALT Manila London Bag

by - January 30, 2020

What's in my Bag with ALT Manila London Bag

There came a point in my life where I got obsessed with watching "What's in My Bag" videos on Youtube. If you've watched these kinds of videos, you would know how obsessive they could be! I find it interesting to know that you can learn about somebody's personality by just looking at the contents of their bag. This sparked an idea for me to show you the contents of my bag too. Plus, I'll show you the chic, new bag I got from a local brand - ALT Manila!

ALT Manila is a local brand that sells quality, nylon bags. They sell 3-way bags - which can be transformed into a Crossbody/Long shoulder bag, a Backpack, and a Tote bag! They are very travel-friendly since they are very light and waterproof - all thanks to their nylon material.

I bought ALT Manila's London bag. I mainly bought it because it is the largest bag in the bunch. It can even fit my 14-inch laptop. Here are its features:
  • 3-way bag (Crossbody/ Long shoulder bag, Backpack, Tote)
  • Dimensions: 12" H x 15" L x 5" D
  • Material: Water-repellent nylon body, Vegan leather detail & Gold-tone hardware
  • Anti-theft lock
  • Adjustable straps
London bag as a Crossbody bag:
What's in my Bag with ALT Manila London Bag - Crossbody

London bag as a Backpack:
What's in my Bag with ALT Manila London Bag - Backpack

London bag as a Tote bag:
What's in my Bag with ALT Manila London Bag - Tote

Anti-theft lock:
What's in my Bag with ALT Manila London Bag - Gold-tone hardware Anti-theft Lock

What's in My Bag

What's in my Bag with ALT Manila London Bag - Front Pocket

In the front pocket, I have my company ID, MI wireless earphones, house keys, and Maybelline lipstick.

What's in my Bag with ALT Manila London Bag - Main Compartment Space

As you can see, there's a lot of space inside. The items I'll show below are not even complete! I still have my Mini Happy Planner and lunch box.

What's in my Bag with ALT Manila London Bag - Main Compartment Items

In the zipper pocket, I put my n95 face mask and handkerchief. With all the commotion these days, these are essential. Sometimes, I put my sanitary napkin here.

In the two open pockets, I put my sanitizer, black foldable fan, and earphones. Sometimes, I put them in the front pockets for easier access.

In my Anne Clutz brushes pouch, I put my power bank, charger cord, another Maybelline lipstick, mint tin with medicines, hairpin, Chance by Chanel travel-size perfume.

In the main compartment, I have my lunch box, reusable straws, umbrella, tissue, black phone pouch with my name, eyeglasses, and Fossil wallet

That's basically it for my What's in My Bag post. Actually, I still have some stuff I put in here like my Mini Happy Planner, bigger lunch box, and menthol essential oil. I usually leave my planner and essential oil in my office during the weekdays so I wasn't able to include them here.

What's in my Bag with ALT Manila London Bag

I've been using my ALT Manila London bag and until now, I am super satisfied. It still looks good, it is very light and perfect for my everyday commute. 

It is a breeze to order their bags. If you are interested, you can purchase them on their website/Instagram below. They also have the London Mini and other colors are available.

London bag price: Php1589. **This is still subject to additional fees. Shipping fee is higher if you will have your bag delivered to a Provincial address. Also, additional fees apply if you'll pay through the bank. I suggest you pay through GCash and have it delivered to a Metro Manila address to avoid additional fees!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you find it interesting to support local brands. Before you go, I would love to know if you also like to watch/read What's on My Bag videos/blog posts. Feel free to comment it down below.  

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  1. I love watching / reading about what's on people's bags too! Hahaha and wow i thought this bag would cost 4k or more but surprisingly, they are reasonably priced ha! For a bag that can be worn different ways and that spacious! I love itttt! :)

    Btw, followed you on IG as hazywanders! See you there hopefully too! :)

    - Hazel

    1. Definitely, sulit for its price talaga kaya I bought it right away. Perfect nga to for travelling kasi spacious and light.

      Also followed you on IG. Thanks so much Hazel!