Fitness Journey + Anytime Fitness (Review)

by - September 20, 2019

Anytime Fitness SM Light Review Functional Training

I’ve been on my slow, but steady fitness journey since the third week of June. I remember feeling lethargic and unconfident before this journey. I remember some of my clothes barely fitting anymore. And even if they did; they didn’t look good on my body. During that period, my go-to source of confidence were the plus-size models on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong: I still really admire them for their confidence. I know it’s not bad to be plus-sized, but it’s not good if you feel bad about yourself; or if you are not eating healthy, or if you don't do some form of exercise to stay fit. This is an open discussion over the internet, but for me; losing weight doesn’t mean not accepting who you are, nor does it mean that the plus-size community is unhealthy. It just means you want to feel good inside and out, and have good mental and physical health.

Three months had gone by and I’m still here,  trying to eat as clean as I can, but not being too strict on myself. I also visit the office gym three times a week. I remember starting off my journey by doing 30-minute cardio workouts at home every day. I went on Youtube for free workout videos by MadFit, PopSugar Fitness, Michelle Vo, and other Youtubers. I bought dumbbells and kettle bell for extra resistance. I made sure to incorporate healthier meals to my diet. I switched from unhealthy Ministop Chicken, white rice, Starbucks Chocolate Pecan bar to healthier options like boiled eggs, sugar-free bread/wheat bread, and vegetable recipes. I kicked sugary, calorie-drinks away from my diet. I made sure to always drink water throughout the day. A month and a half of these routines made me lose 13 pounds. It made a huge difference on my body. I don’t feel lethargic or bad about myself anymore. I feel much more confident and my clothes fit the way I want them to be.

From July up to today, I incorporated strength training to my fitness routine. I still don’t have a strict diet like how others are doing. For example: when I crave for ice cream, I eat ice cream. If I want pizza, I eat pizza. I am aware that if I deprive myself, I’ll begin to hate the journey I’m in today. So for me, a slow but steady routine works best.

My weight loss slowed down a bit from July to August. Maybe I’m on a plateau? I’ve been on the same weight for a month now despite eating the same healthy meals and working on the same routines. With this being said, I thought of getting a gym membership at Anytime Fitness SM Light branch to up my fitness journey.

Why Anytime Fitness, you might ask? First: the company I work for has a membership promo at Anytime Fitness. Second: it’s perfect for my graveyard work schedule. Since Anytime Fitness is open 24/7, being able to go to the gym at 4AM is a big thumbs up. Third: I can visit all Anytime Fitness branches anywhere in the country. If my friends/family are working out in a certain branch close to where they live: I can freely go there and train with them.

Anytime Fitness SM Light Review Class Area

Anytime Fitness is the first gym I ever joined, so I won’t be able to compare it to other gyms. What I can only share are my first impressions and what to expect.

Staff and Management
Upon entering the place, we were immediately welcomed by the front desk staff. It is nice since we didn’t need to wait long for our registration. The registration is also a breeze. We filled up a few forms, entered our credit card number for payment, and we’re done! We are officially registered. However, one downside I’ll say is our key fobs were given two weeks late. I think we were just unlucky since our colleagues got theirs on the same day they registered. Anytime Fitness being a 24/7 gym, gives its members their own key fob. There are no staff in the area after 10PM, and the gym can only be accessed through an electronic door. Since I work the graveyard shift and still have no key fob, my first 1 week of membership was a miss. We kept on following-up but still, we got no updates from them. On the bright side, each member has their 2 free sessions with a personal trainer. During these sessions, they assessed our body composition including weight, body fat, muscle mass, water weight, and the likes. They also assessed our goals, and our target weight and body fat percentage. The first session was good since we became aware on what to focus on and what to avoid. 

Quick Tip: ask as many questions as you can. This will help you know more and get engaged to meet your goal. Personal trainers on-site are accommodating, so feel free to ask them questions

The second session is tougher, and you get more functional and weight training. My, oh my! My personal trainer that time targeted my arms, abs, and shoulders so much that they are sore for the next two days. It’s a bittersweet feeling, I tell you.

When it comes to the amenities, I will be talking more about the shower rooms, the locker area, and other add-ons. One of the reasons I didn’t mention earlier about why I registered at Anytime Fitness are the shower rooms. Lately, our neighborhood had been having major water shortage that there was a time I went to work without taking a bath. Yikes, I know! It’s nice that the gym has accessible shower 24/7. I can take a shower there whenever I need to. One comment that I have with the amenities is that I hope they provided extra rooms for just changing clothes. I hate the feeling of moist, wet floors when I’m changing into my gym clothes. Also, in the early morning - the shower area is a mess. I understand that there are no cleaning personnel in the area that time, but still, I don’t like it.

Anytime Fitness SM Light Review Shower Room

I have nothing much to say with the locker area. The locker area is spacious, each locker space is roomy too since my duffel bag fits well inside. Note: Bring your own lock!

The gym also has access to drinking water. I noticed that there are two water dispensers in the area, one near the shower area and one near the class/stretching area. They also have a fridge where you can buy sports drink to fuel your body before/during workout.

The lights on the shower and locker area have motion sensors so they open up automatically once you enter. Very economical. Plus points!

Each member has their own key fobs. Key fobs are useful when entering the gym during the early/unstaffed hours. Key fobs contain the members’ personal data on the Anytime Fitness system that will be logged when they enter a different Anytime Fitness branch. This is very useful when you feel like going to gym even though you are away from your home branch.

Weights, Machines and Functional Equipment
If you’re a beginner, you’ll love their machines. There are simple instructions on each machine on how you’ll use them and which muscles they target. You can also download the Life Fitness App. It’s a nice mobile tool for tracking your workouts and see your progress later on. All you need to do is scan the machine’s QR code and you’re good to go! This is useful, especially after you run on the treadmill. The treadmill will give you your own QR code to scan, and your app will save your workout.

Anytime Fitness SM Light Review Elliptical Treadmill
Anytime Fitness SM Light Review Sample Machine Form for Beginners

There are plenty of weights around the area, they are cleaner compared to the local gym near my house. They are also neatly organized and it is much easier for you to find your weights.

Anytime Fitness SM Light Review Sample Cable Machine and Dumbbell
Anytime Fitness SM Light Review Dumbbell
Anytime Fitness SM Light Review Barbell

There’s an area for functional training as well. They have plyometrics and CrossFit equipment that you can use. They also have soft mats for you to use if you want to do floor workouts.

I won’t be able to attend the classes given my current schedule. But, I’ll update this area of my blog once I get to try them. I want to try Zumba and yoga in the future!

Anytime Fitness SM Light Review Functional Training Classes

I think that’s about it for my first impressions. I’m looking forward on going to the gym 3 times a day or more so I’ll get to share more of my experiences to you soon. If you have further questions regarding the gym, you can comment them down below. I’ll also be sharing with you some details, and the summary/breakdown of my impressions below.

  • Accommodating Personal Trainers.
  • Clean equipment.
  • Spacious locker room and locker space.
  • Shower Area.
  • 24/7 gym! It’s safe too, since only members will be able to open the doors during unstaffed hours.
  • Free 2 Personal Trainer sessions.
  • Technology-advanced workout machines.
  • Messy shower area during early hours.
  • Our key fobs were given 2 weeks late.
  • Some machines that are available in other branches are not available in the one near our office.
Membership Fees/Details
  • Registration Fee: Php2,000 (Mine is waived due to company promo)
  • Membership Fee: Php2,000 (Due to promo. Normal rates are Php2,000 - 2,500)
  • Key Fob Price: Php2,500 (One-time payment)
Anytime Fitness Gym Staff Hours are from 8AM to 8PM. For more information, you may go to the nearest Anytime Branch on your area or you may contact them via their website at

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