My 2018 Anti-Bucket List

2018 is definitely a year of progress. Last year, I focused on building myself to a better version of me last 2017. I'm proud of my progress come to think of it. It’s small but it’s still a progress. Reminiscing, it was just last 2017 that I focused on surviving my depression and anxiety and now, all I think of is starting my own life project. With the help of my beloved, Tom, we figured out the plans/goals that work for me. It took time to figure it out since I am once scattered and careless. Scattered and careless meaning I just do what I want to do without even thinking if it’s good for me and my well-being.

I am proud to say that I am now a woman with plans and goals. I am grateful for the people who without a doubt lent me a helping hand when I’m at my lowest point. This 2019, I know that my anxiety still lingers, but I know that I can survive it no matter what. Despite the circumstances, I’ll make sure to create more friendships, memories and achievements that will make my life worth living and writing for.

So this year, I’ll begin to post about my 2018 anti-bucket list. I recently read Tomissa Porath’s anti-bucket list and it sparked an idea to write it as well. It’s different from the usual bucket list that people list down every year (or whenever they thought of it). It’s about listing out our achievements, something memorable, or anything that we’re proud of. I usually go bonkers and just get disappointed whenever I get to go back to my list and realize that I failed to do more than half of it. For you to know what I’m talking about, you can refer to the bucket list I wrote last 2016 on this link. My bucket list is a long list of stuff that I’ll probably won’t focus on that much this year. So it’s about time that I write something opposed to that.

Last 2018, I:

  • Started writing on my blog again (3rd quarter).
  • Started taking more interest in makeup so I made an Instagram account for it.
  • Started to love baking and putting up my small business for it (CrumbleBee Delights).

  • Got a mid-year promotion and took a step up on my career.
  • Got to watch my first ever live gig at Historia with Tom’s family.
  • Got to bake apple, and banana muffins for a Valentine’s event at Graces Home for the Elderly.

  • Went to Tagaytay with my officemates. It’s our first time to go out of the city.
  • Continued to cook my own meals for work. It’s not consistent but still, I kept going back to it.
  • Surprised Thomas when we went to Tagaytay together to celebrate his birthday.

  • Tried low-carb diet for a month. It made me sick though so I stopped.
  • Went snorkeling with the Cupcake Travelers at Bauan, Batangas. It’s the first time Tom got to meet my travel friends.

  • Started to love my curves. It’s life changing.
  • Went to Enchanted Kingdom with my cousins. It is rare that we go out on our own without our parents so we definitely had fun without parent supervision.

  • Had too many spontaneous dates with Tom and every time spent is worth it.
  • Traveled with Tom’s friends to Burias Island, Masbate and it’s so beautiful.
  • Baked my first ever cake for my team mate, May.

  • Traveled to Batangas with my family for our summer outing. It’s Tom’s first time to go out-of-town with my family.

  • Watched a Jazz performance at Stonehouse over red wine for my birthday.
  • Tried so many Korean BBQs with my officemates throughout Manila.

  • Went to Bataan with Tom’s family for the birthday of his step mom’s father. It’s my first time to meet the family of my partner. We got to see this hidden falls which is a really majestic sight.
  • Stayed at an Eco-friendly boutique hotel in Quezon City (Cocoon Boutique Hotel) for our 1st anniversary.

  • Officially became a fur mommy of my baby, Oreo.
  • Made our own Takoyaki for my officemate's birthday!

It’s quite a long list as compared to my 2017. Time froze on 2016 and 2017 so I haven’t been able to achieve that much on those years. It’s like I’m still 23 years old even though I’m already 25. I’m that late come to think of it but, it will never be too late. As long as I’m still keeping my hopes up and doing things that is good for my physical, emotional and mental health, I’ll get to write more than what was listed here. I’m definitely excited and ready for that. Bring it on, 2019!

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