Night and Day Skin Care Routine (2018 Edition)

by - September 23, 2018

skin care routine 2018

Skin care routine has been all over the place today. All thanks to the hype of K-Pop and K-Dramas, it makes us want to have that Korean glow-y, glass skin. Who wouldn't want that anyway?! Imagine those fair, smooth, clear and poreless skin... Oh the dream of not caking up foundation and concealer on your face anymore...

I've been following groups in Facebook and most of the topics are about skin care. In these groups, people usually ask what serums, facial wash, toner or essence in the market gives the best results. Some even suggest the best one they tried and if many agrees with them, rest assured that product is SOLD OUT. Skin care is life some say and it's true! If you'll ask me if skin care or makeup, I'll definitely choose skin care without a doubt (my lip tint is an exception!).

Since I've been trying multiple skin care products since last year.. I will be sharing you my current skin care routine that gives me the best results (so far!). I will be sharing you each step, each product I use ,and what they are for. I'm not a professional when it comes to skin care so I can't tell if I'm doing it the right way.. Also, if a product is good with my skin that doesn't mean that it will also be good with you. We have different skin types so make sure to do thorough research before trying out a product. Now, let's end the intro and talk about my.. *drum roll please* skin care routine! 

Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Step 1. Pre-cleanse
I always pre-cleanse my face. I make sure that all the gunk from my makeup and pollution were all rinsed out of my face. For the first step of my skin care, I use my handy dandy, all-time favorite Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water.

skin care routine 2018

Step 2. Wash the face
For my facial wash, I use Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash. This product gives me the clean feeling after use. After I pre-cleanse, this step will make sure to remove the excess dirt that wasn't entirely wiped out by the micellar water.


Step 3. Tone it out
Washing my face with facial wash doesn't mean the gunk is already gone. Toner is very important in skin care since it does the extra cleaning. For this step, I use Celeteque Hydration Toner. While this toner balances out again my skin's Ph, it also cleanses again the left our dirt on my face. It's really third time's the charm!


Step 4. Bring back the hydration
Before I put on anything else on my face.. I always, always use an essence. Essence helps give back the hydration your face needs after all the cleaning. Essence also preps our skin for later steps/treatments. For my essence, I use my L'Oreal Revitalift Power Water.


Step 5. Target those imperfections (Ampoule)
Ampoule helps you target specific skin care problems like a serum. I use an ampoule first before a serum because when it comes to my skin care, I opt to use light products first then go all the way to the concentrated ones. For this step, I use Elujai Propolis Ampoule.


Step 6. Target those imperfections (Serum)
Now for the serum, I use Skin Potions Tomato Serum. This serum is currently my favorite. It definitely made my face more supple than ever!

Serums are more concentrated than ampoules and tend to sunk deep in the skin for better results. Be careful though.. we have different skin types so make sure to first try out serums that work best for you. In case a serum gives you breakouts after a couple of use, throw it out (or give it to a friend)!


Step 7. Moisturize!
I currently don't have an eye cream and I'm still searching for a good one (comment down below if you know any eye creams that's good with dark eye circles) so for now, I skip to moisturizer. This is basically the end game for my nighttime skin care routine. I use my almost finished tub of Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel and let it sit through while drinking my night tea. Define relaxation.


Morning Skin Care Routine

Step 1. Plain simple, water.
After I get up, the first thing I do is wash my face with water. I shower before I go to sleep so basically, my morning routine in the bathroom would be just washing my face and brushing my teeth.

Step 2. Tone it out (again)

Step 3. Hop and moisturize!
I don't do much on my morning skin care routine. I tend to do my makeup more since I am always on the rush. For my moisturizer, I use Celeteque Hydration Moisturizer. Moisturizing is really important to me so I always prep my face with moisturizer before I do my makeup.


After this step, I use my primer and Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream for my sunscreen/makeup base.

Well that's about it! I hope you enjoyed taking a quick glimpse on my skin care routine. It's not much as the 10-step Korean skin care, but it did work for me somehow. Currently, I'm still on the look out for the best skin care products out there and I'll make sure to share them with you once I get to try 'em out.

By the way, here's my bare face after I did my nighttime routine (no filters!). I took this photo after my face absorbed the aloe gel.

skin care routine 2018

Thank you for continuously reading my blog! Have a great day!

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