Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream SPF 50 & PA +++ Review

by - September 18, 2018

Belo Intense Whitening BB Cream

I know you'll relate. There 's always that moment when you even don't have the time to make up your face. We just tend to grab a lipstick? a brow pencil? or whatever the holy grail makeup item we can't live without. Hey, we even have the tendency to fix our face on our way to work/school, right?! Oh the joys of waking up late (and Manila traffic!).

I only know of a few people who have foundation as their every day must-have item on their bags. Most of us opt for a brow pencil or a lipstick. Admit it, we do take our skin for granted. Take me as an example. I, personally don't take face/base makeup seriously. Powder is enough as an everyday base and I'm good to go! It is just last month that I thought of buying a good, light base that will give my face the protection it needs because you know, just the thought of all the gunk from the dust and smoke from the streets sticking on my bare face makes me squirm. Also, add the harsh UV rays from the sun! Que Horror!

Today, I will be sharing you a product I just discovered last month. Thank you Belo Medical Group for bringing us your Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream. I never thought I would wind up grabbing this product more than my brow pencil.


I can't say anything negative about the packaging. The packaging is elegant to look at. You won't even notice that it is a 350-peso product. Do you have those skin care products that is prescribed to you by your dermatologist? The packaging is more like those. Simple and sleek. Plus, it got every information you need at the back. It has the ingredients, instructions, claims and the EXPIRATION DATE!

Belo Intense Whitening BB Cream Applicator

Talking about the applicator. It has a long nozzle that is very plain and not messy to use. I like that they focused more on practicality than the design itself. I hate fancy-but-so-much-hassle packaging. I'm a clumsy and messy person, but upon using this product, I haven't experienced any spills of the product. It doesn't even leave those icky product left overs at the side of the applicator (Imagine your typical lotion bottle applicators. You get me right?).


The product is claiming to have medium to deep tone which is perfect for Pinay skin! It may be lighter upon application, but once you blend it out, it has this brightening effect that will surely get you compliments. I get those. Believe me.

Slightly blended upon application
Belo Intense Whitening BB Cream Swatch
Fully blended
Belo Intense Whitening BB Cream Swatch


Belo Intense Whitening BB Cream Claims

The product claims to cover blemishes and imperfections as it works to intensively to whiten skin. After a month of use, I noticed that my skin is whiter and brighter than ever. I get compliments on this and I love it! On the claim that it covers blemishes though, I don't fully agree with it. With a BB cream, don't expect too much. It has light coverage that you can use as a substitute for your heavy foundation. You can use this as a primer for your powder and foundation as it claims as well! This BB Cream has a matte finish that is very good for oily skin. I usually use this with my QuickFX Matte Primer and Maybelline FitMe Powder and oh boy, does it last for my whole 10-hour shift! You can see the photos below for proof!


I'm not an expert when it comes to what is harsh or not in an ingredient. I will be posting a photo below for you to review.

Belo Intense Whitening BB Cream IngredientsExperience

I love this product. This is a must-have  in my vanity! When I'm travelling, I make sure that I bring this one. I feel like my skin is dull whenever I don't have it on. A downside though, don't ever use it when you'll go to an event/party that requires photos with flash. It has flashback unless you wanna look like a floating head on your best-night-ever photos! Thanks to the SPF! Looking at the bright side though, it surely protects your face from the harsh UV rays!

Belo Intense Whitening BB Cream
Upper left to right: Bare face, After applying BB cream with concealer and powder.
Lower left to right: Photo taken with flash, Zoomed-in photo.

- Whitens and brightens skin
- Cheap (Php350 for the full size 50ml product)
- Accessible (You can buy online and at local supermarkets and malls)
- Has SPF!
- Evens out skin tone
- Lasts for 3 years
- Paraben-free, Non-comedogenic and Hypoallergenic
- Lasts my 10-hour shift given with a good primer and powder.

- Doesn't cover blemishes and dark spots that much
- Has flashback!

I don't mind with the cons. I love this product so much! It is very light and gives my skin the glow I want. Will I repurchase again? Definitely! I hope this review will help you decide what local BB cream you'll get. You will not regret buying this one, rest assured ;)

That's all for today. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I also use this before. You can also try Belo tinted sunscreen. That's what I'm using and currently my fave. Hope to read more of your kikay reviews. KEEP IT UP! Miss u! :)

  2. Hi. Is it ok to use bb cream even without sunscreen po?

    1. Hello! It' always recommended for us to wear sunscreen. When applying, you need to first apply sunscreen, let it dry, then you apply your makeup (bb cream, etc.). But when you use this Belo BB Cream, you can skip the sunscreen part since this bb cream is like a tinted sunscreen and already has its SPF.