OPI Designer Series DS Imperial Swatch

by - July 26, 2016

OPI Designer Series DS imperial swatch

At last, I'm back with another nail polish entry. That's thanks to my colleagues for giving me an amazing farewell gift. Oh! By the way, I already resigned at the company I worked at for more than 2 years. So now, I'm moving forward to more experiences and adventures in my new company! I'm so excited for new adventures, trials and new friends!

Anyway, going back to the topic, my colleagues know how much I love nail polishes, so they definitely knew what's best to give me for their farewell gift. Any brand of nail polish given to me can make me go loco and excited. That's why I'm super stoked when I found out the brand of the polish they gave me. It's *drum roll please* OPI! They also gave me not just a single polish but two! It's like they read my mind. I don't know if I already told you this but I love love love top coats. I always believed that good top coats makes your cheap nail polish look expensive, pretty and sturdy (asides from the good application). That's why I'm very happy that they gave me a top coat nail polish too! Kudos also to OPI for pairing up a colored polish and a top coat in this OPI Design Series! Now, I'm going to show you a swatch of this adorable collection.


Let's first start with the packaging. The packaging has a nice minimal design, maybe because they're going with a fashion magazine-themed collection. It's confusing though since according to OPI, the polish included here gives a 'Vintage' finish. Vintage and minimal for me are two opposite things. It's like old and new. Well anyway, I like the minimal design of the packaging. Very simple and edgy.

OPI Designer Series packaging

Front packaging says, 'Stonewashed. Saturated bold color, with a soft, vintage finish'. Also it has the name of the purple polish which is 'DS imperial' and for the top coat 'DS top coat'.

OPI Designer Series back packaging

Back packaging says, 'Designer Series. OPI invites you to explore the striking contrast of bold color with the soft touch of your favorite pair of vintage jeans to create a street-chic look that is very at-the-moment.' It also described each nail polish included in this box:

DS imperial, 'Royally rich, matte violet.'
DS top coat, 'Infused with diamond dust for exceptional shine, performance and wear.

To use: For diamond-like shine, finish with DS top coat, or skip it for a semi-matte finish.

As for the ingredients in the polish. I'm happy to let you know that these are Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Toluene-free.

OPI Designer Series nail polish bottles

For the bottles, DS imperial and DS top coat contains 15ml of the product. Also, the applicator of both bottles are wide enough to give you lesser polish strokes upon application.


Here are the swatches of the polish.

DS imperial with no top coat:

OPI Designer Series DS imperial polish swatch

DS imperial with top coat:

OPI Designer Series DS imperial polish with DS top coat swatch

DS imperial is really good with top coat. I love how shiny the finish is of the included top coat in this collection. When I read the ingredients for the top coat, OPI included diamond powder in it. I think this is because they want shine and a little glitter with their top coat. They succeeded actually because I love the top coat so much! Very very shiny.

To wrap it all up, I love the color of the nail polish, 'DS imperial' but what I love the most about this collection is their top coat! It gives the polish an extra edge when applied. Also, I tried swimming with these polishes on the beach last weekend and I'm impressed with it's staying power. My nail polish didn't chip and the shine most definitely stayed. I know OPI nail polishes are expensive compared to our local nail polishes but, we all know that good performance comes with a price. So for me, the price is worth it!

Have you tried OPI nail polishes? Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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