EB Advance Makeup Remover Review

by - July 02, 2016

EB Advance Makeup Remover
Ever since, I've been on the hunt for the perfect and at the same time, cheap makeup remover. I don't usually wash my face with soap at night. Most of the time, I wash my face with water alone. If you know what burden waterproof mascaras and lip tint/stains gives us when washing our face, then you'll understand that water isn't enough to fully remove the makeup. Makeup remover are my holy grail at the end of the day and so, I overuse mine and ended up finishing the product for a short period of time.

Actually, EB Advance's Makeup Remover is the first makeup remover I ever used. Now, I'm using makeup remover wipes from PureDerm (I'll create a separate blog post for that). This makeup remover by EB Advance focuses on removing the makeup for the eyes and lips but in my opinion, this makeup remover is best used on the lips. Keep on reading my review below to fully know my experience with this product.

How much is the product?
Php 95 only. Pretty cheap if you'll ask me.

How much product you'll get in a bottle?

Does it remove makeup fast?
Yes. It does its job fairly good.

How to use this product?
You can use this product with cotton balls or cotton pads. Apply a generous amount on the cotton ball than soak your eye/lip makeup in it. After a few seconds, gently wipe the makeup off.

Is it safe for the face?
Use at your own risk. When I tried this on my face a couple of times, I didn't catch any breakout or infections on my skin. Be careful on using this on your eyes though because it STINGS so bad. Even though is says it's for the eyes, still it gave me the trauma to use this for them in my first use.

Any tips to prevent the product from stinging my eyes?
Yes. There is still a way to prevent stinging your eyes. After soaking and wiping your eyes with the makeup remover, wait for the product to dry out before opening your eyes. Gently open your eyes so that your eyes will not be overwhelmed with the strong makeup remover.

Where can I buy this?
You can buy this in any EB Advance/Everbilena stalls nationwide. EB Advance/Everbilena stalls can be found in most department store, supermarkets and drug stores.

Aside from drying it out, you can also wipe the excess product off from your eyes with a clean towel or tissue.

EB Advance Makeup Remover

Final Verdict. The product does it job well but, the only downside is that it stings so bad when I remove my eye makeup. I tend to water my eyes a lot every time I use this on my eyes. For those who removes their makeup every night, this can be an alternative makeup remover for you. Don't forge to be extra careful when using this makeup remover!

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  1. EB products are cheap yet it works great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this product ♥ Btw, what's the camera you're using? The photos in your blog are superb ♥

    Wannderzel by Hazel

    1. I love Everbilena too! It was my go-to makeup when I was in college. It's cheap but it does the job well! Also, my camera is Nikon D5100 DSLR with AF-S 35MM F1.8 lens. Thanks! ;)

  2. I haven't tried make up removers as of yet. I don't really wear a whole lot of make up anyway. Haha. I thought Maybelline's new makeup remover was interesting, but I won't be using it much, so I dont't think I would buy one soon.

    1. Spare yourself from the hassle and just buy makeup remover wipes instead. I swear by them a whole lot more than liquid removers. Anyway, you can still invest on removers and just use them once you wear a pesky waterproof makeup. LOL. Have a nice day Veronica.

  3. I used to have this but switched to virgin coconut oil. :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. I switched to Garnier Micellar Water. I never looked back! You should try it too. Also, I know Coconut Oil clogs pores.. You can use lighter oils like Jojoba.