A New Name for A Happy Maria

by - June 26, 2016

I'm now saying goodbye to A Happy Maria from now on. My blog is actually under construction for the past month/s. It took my blog that long to be on break since I'm busy at work and my personal life. Also, I'm thinking of making my blog more of a personal blog than a beauty blog. To those who are my reader before who are really into beauty entries, I'm sorry to have let you down. Don't worry though since I'll still post anything about my nails and lipsticks. In addition to that, you can also expect travel, personal and lifestyle posts. It's still worth reading isn't it? I hope you will still stay with me and join me on my new journey. I may not write often but I promise to give you a post word reading once in a while.

Now moving on with the name. Why Call Her Maria? Maria is from my old blog name. I don't want to remove it since for me, it's like my blog's core identity. It's my trademark. I did replace the first two words though from A Happy to Call Her. This is because I think Call Her has a more personal touch in it. It's like this blog is really about me, this blog is ME. 

My theme also changed. I want a theme in which makes my entries the center of attraction. It took me a while to find the perfect (and free!)  theme on Google. It's all thanks to Pish and Posh Designs for creating this very nice and simple theme. If you get to visit my blog in the past week, you'll notice how wrecked it is. The photos are all over the place and the widgets are not updated. I'm happy to have concluded everything in my liking. I'm so satisfied on how my blog look like.

With everything in order, I'm now back to blogging. Thank you for joining me even though I'm away for months. I hope I can make up to all of you soon.

Have a good and productive week ahead!

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