L'Oreal Powder Lipstick Review + Swatch

by - March 05, 2016

The pictures that I'll be including here are waiting like forever in my Pictures folder. Already edited way after I shoot, the last thing that I must do is to write something about it and it took me months just to get to this point and write about it. I'm so disappointed, self. Well anyway, I got caught on my personal life that I already abandoned this blog. Sorry to those comments I haven't been able to reply to. I'll be making up for it I promise!

Moving to the main purpose for this blog post. I'll be reviewing L'Oreal's very unusual type of lipstick which is their powdered one. I got the shade Tint Caresse Sakura Blossom which is a cute baby pink color which I know will be in very good use if I want that natural look and feel on my face.

Why did I buy this by the way? The first time I heard about it I was like "Really? A powder lipstick? How will it stick on my lips?!". As you know, powder and something wet don't match. Powder tends to build up once wet so imagine my weird out face the first time I heard it. Well, It's weird but it made me really curious if it really works so I bought one. I bought it on a sale together with my L'Oreal Matt Magique in which I love! Stay tuned on my review on that too. I'll be writing it as soon as I finish this one. I'm making up for the lost time guys!

Let's now go to the review! This lipstick is long in size. It doesn't have your average lipstick packaging. Once opened, you'll notice that it has that pointed sponge material applicator. Now you'll think how does it work? Is it soaked with the product? Well, I have thought of that too and I'll be glad to share you how it works. Once you open the packaging, you'll first see the sponge tip applicator with the product on it . Once you apply the lipstick on your lips, you'll notice the product actually runs out on the applicator. Being the curious and the clueless one, I tried many ways how to get the product out of the applicator. I tried shaking and everything only to find out that the product is at the lid of the packaging! The sponge applicator is squeezed right to the pressed powder lipstick once you close the packaging so it get's enough lipstick you need for your application. Once the applicator ran out of lipstick, you must close the lid again and get more product. It's a hassle if you'll ask me but at the same time, it's pretty cool.

I'll keep the review simple and quick for you to read it with ease.

What does it feel like on the lips? 
It actually feels weird and dry since it's powder. But if you're fund to matte-textured type of lipsticks then you'll love this. Also, as far as I know, many use this lipstick for that gradient effect on the lips. You know, that Asian look on the lips.

Does it stay long?
No. You may need to reapply every after eating and drinking.

Does it emphasize dry lines on the lips?
Nope. You got dry lips? You may want to put on lip balm first. because this product feels weird on the lips. If you experienced having powder on your lips. Then that what it feels like.

How pigmented is it?
You may want to apply the product 2 to 3 times for you to get the color fully on your lips. One application isn't enough, girl.

Is it drying to the lips?
YES. It is. Whenever I wear this lipstick. I always have that urge to lick my lips it's so dry!

How much is the product?
You'll get the product for Php500 pesos if not on sale. But I got mine for Php350 which for me is not worth it. Way more not worth it with the Php500 price.

What are the other shades of this product?
Right now they have 8 shades available. I'll have their images below for you.

Image from Layrynnbites

Final verdict. I'm not a fan of this product to be honest. I can see potential in the future, but right now, I'll prefer the regular type of lipstick. This product didn't impress me or made a mark to me. I really hope L'Oreal release a better or reformulated one in the future. Wherein it doesn't dry and really stays long even after eating and drinking. What can we expect with a powder product, right?

Well that's about it! If you have any more questions or you noticed I missed something important, feel free to ask/say it to me in the comments below ;)

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  1. I like the color you used. It is really kind of weird to put something powdery on the lips.

  2. LOL i had so many questions but thank you for answering everything in such an organized manner! I'm looking at the Plum Blossom shade but I'm now having second thoughts. hehe

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. I haven't tried their darker shades. Dark shades are often better than light ones when it comes to longevity. If ever you got to try it let me know! ;p