Essence Lash Mania Reloaded False Lash Mascara Review

by - January 10, 2016

Belated Happy New Year everyone! I've been on hiatus for over a month because of work and personal stuff so, I'm not able to post something new to you on that span of time. There are so many pending blog posts that I wish to catch up on this year and now that I'm back, expect a spam of blog posts from me! I took several photos of products on hand last year and I haven't been able to write even a single blog post about them here so I've got a lot to catch up to.

First item in the queue is Essence's Lash Mania Reloaded False Lash Mascara. This mascara is now one of my favorite mascaras in the market as of today next to Maybelline's line of mascaras. I've got to say that this mascara does good despite it's cheap price so keep reading below to know more about this product.

Let's start off with the packaging and the wand. The packaging is a silver-covered tube that contains 0.33 fl. oz/10ml of the product. The wand is chunky with short plastic bristles. Tried bending the wand over the tube opening and I can say that the wand is flexible enough not to snap when trying to get excess product of it.

As seen on the tube, the product says:
"Mascara for incredible volume and false lash effect. No clumps. Opthalmologically approved."

Let's see if it does good.

Comparison of my bare eyelash and my eyelash with one coat of of the mascara (front and top view):

The mascara definitely elongated my eyelash 3x of its average length. I love how it does its falsies power without giving off clumps on my eyelash. My eyelash looks very natural when I'm wearing this. Many of my colleagues even praised my eyelash asking me if they were real or have I applied some false eyelashes. That's when I knew that this mascara does its job excellently. 

Here are two coats of the mascara:

Two coats is enough for me to have my eyelashes very long and full so I'm happy with the result. No clumps and hello to very long and effortless lashes. One down side about this though is it is not waterproof. When worn for hours in humid temperature, the mascara tends to fall off and stain my under eyes. I suggest checking your mascara every once in a while. Don't worry though, this mascara is very easy to take off. Soap and water is enough to free your eyelash after a long day of wearing mascara.

  • Cheap
  • No clumps
  • Amazing volume and falsies effect
  • Elongates eyelashes
  • Easy to wash off

  • Not waterproof
  • Stains my under eyes

I know you'll ask. You can find this product on any Essence stands in malls (SM department store, Watsons, etc.). I forgot the price but you can have this for less than Php500 I'm sure of it. 

This is my everyday mascara and I love to repurchase another tube once I finish mine. If you already tried this product before, let me know about your thoughts on the comments down below. Thank you for staying with me! Have a good day!

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