BYS Blush Duo 01 Paint it Pink Swatches + Review

by - January 20, 2016

It took me forever to post a review on BYS Blush Duo that I got from Glamourbox's November 2015 box. I know it is about time to give you a review on the blush duo so continue on below to read the review.

At first try, I never thought this blush would be so pigmented. I'm overwhelmed by its pigment since it gave my cheek an O.A. touch. I look like the girls during the Victorian times.

Well anyway, both blush in the Paint it Pink blush duo are very pigmented, unlike the darker shade the lighter one is perfect for that sweet-girl type of girls. If you're a simple woman who only wants to brighten up your look, you'll definitely love this one. It is suitable for everyday and office use. While the darker one, don't go overboard this shade because a little touch goes a long way. This is perfect for parties or cosplay/costume looks. 

Moving on with the packaging. You'll get 5g of both products combined. The packaging though, I think it is not sturdy enough. I'm afraid that once I drop the blush, everything might break. Even the plastic glass on top might be removed. I hope it doesn't happen.

Here are the blush shades look like on my cheeks:

Lighter shade

Darker shade (I made sure not to go overboard the blush. Blend. Blend. Blend.)

I believe this is Php349 pesos on BYS counters at SM Department Store/Watsons. Very affordable for a good quality blush. You need to use your own brush though because this product doesn't have on in it. Invest in some good fluffy blush brush so that you'll not have a hard time blending them. Don't worry though, if you go overboard, you can also top it up with your powder of use.

Let's go to some pros and cons:

  • Affordable
  • Very pigmented
  • Accessible to everyone. Available at local drug/department stores
  • Long lasting
  • Not easy to apply for beginners
  • Not sturdy packaging
  • No brush that comes with it
Will I repurchase? I'm hesitant. If talking about cosplay makeup looks, yes I'll repurchase. But for everyday use, I think not. With it not having a brush on its own, my makeup bag will be bulkier with the extra brush I'll bring for it. 

Here's me and my complete simple make-up look (Wearing the darker shade in the blush duo):

Have a good day!

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  1. Wow, it does look extremely pigmented. This may suit fair-skinned people. LOL meaning not me!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City