Bench Paintbox Gel Shine Nail Polish Swatch + Review

by - January 10, 2016

First of all I want to thank Bench for this very wonderful color that I'm about to show you. I'm so obsessed with what it turned out to be and  love it so much. This nail polish is deserving to be the first one to be reviewed and swatched here in my blog for this year. Again, thank you bench!

Sorry for my obsession up there. I really love how the color turned up on my nails. I love how elegant it is to look at. I remember the post I just reposted on Facebook yesterday regarding this type of colors, dark red. More like a darker Marsala. This nail polish though is more of a brownish red if you notice. But still, I love it!

Look at the nail photo above, isn't it near enough? 
(I got this image from Facebook. I don't know who to credit since the 
credit in the image is already altered)

How did I end up buying this nail polish? Last January 2, my family and I are shopping at Bench for clothes, perfumes and belt. They are on sale so we grabbed the opportunity and shop inside. I was very picky when it comes to clothes so I ended up not buying one. There are also many people inside so I think that the changing area has a long queue making it hard for me to try out clothes. Looking for something to buy, I saw my parents deciding which perfume to buy at their perfume and body spray section. I ended up buying this very fragrant eau de toilette So In Love for my everyday use because it is very cheap. Who wants to use expensive perfume for office anyway? Anyway, after we finished choosing perfumes, I happen to pass by their cosmetics area. That's when I saw their nail polishes. I don't know if they only have this nail polish released but I think it's my first time seeing their gel shine type of nail polish so I bought it just for the sake of trying it. I'm curious if it will give me the satisfaction on Gel Shine. 

What are my thoughts about this? Is it shiny? Yes it is. I love how shiny it is with top coat. But if there's no top coat involved, I don't see the gel shine in it. I don't know, I find it less than what I expected. This isn't important anyway since top coat is very essential to manicures. It is also mentioned in the cover that it has extreme coverage, Yes, this one is true as long as you put a couple of coats on your nails then you're good.

Let's not forget the packaging. The packaging contains 10ml of the product. it has a normal and just about the right size lid for me to grip the brush steadily making my application easier and sturdier. The brush is wider than the usual making you do less strokes on your nails in which will lead to shinier and cleaner nails. You will get messy though when it comes to the cuticles and the skin around your nails but that's fine. You can clean it up with your brush and nail polish remover after.

Moving on to the pros and cons:

  • Cheap (Forgot the price - my mom paid for this. As far as I can remember this is less than Php200)
  • Shiny
  • Easy to apply
  • Not bubbly
  • Packaging lid has good grip
  • Wide brush for easy application
  • Fast to dry

  • Tends to be messy if your not used to wide brushes
  • Not shiny enough for Gel Effect (Am I that OC?)

Will I repurchase? YES. If given the chance I'll hoard as many as I can. This nail polish is also safe for you, it is Toxic Trio Free. Unlike their other nail polish, this doesn't say it has a vegan formula so it's up to you if you're sensitive to that. I'll now end this post with more photos of the swatch. Till the next nail swatch and review. Have a good day!

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  1. I also shared the same picture in facebook, arent they super gorgeous? I love how the shade looks on your nails. I envy you for having such a beautiful nails. :)

  2. Ahhhh so pretty! I've been obsessing over that collage too and got a lipstick of the same color! Did you you put a topcoat on?

    1. What brand and shade of lisptick?! I'm dying to know! I always put topcoat on my mani. If you're curious what's my favorite top coat, it's Girlstuff's Fast Dry topcoat. It gives the shine I want plus, it dries so fast!