Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Polish in No. 24 Swatch + Nail Art

by - November 01, 2015

Here's another round up of nail polish swatch! I've been wanting to share a swatch of this nail polish more than a week before, but my mood with orange nail polish isn't cooperating so it took me just now to finally share a swatch with you!

As I say in my previous nail posts, I'm not into neon colored nail polish, but I badly need an orange nail polish because I'm planning a Halloween-themed nail art that time. Too bad I had my nails rest for a couple of weeks that's why I haven't been able to push through with my plan. Don't worry though. This swatch includes a very simple nail art that you can do at home. So keep reading until the end of this blog post.

Golden Rose is a new brand in the Philippines, so the moment I passed by its stall in SM Department Store, I looked up immediately in their nail polish aisle. They have plenty of colors and kind of nail polish for you to choose. I bough their color expert one because its cheaper as compared to their gel-effect nail polish. I believe their gel polish only had a pastel orange color so its another reason why I chose the color expert. I have enough of dealing with pastel colors at the moment and I really want to venture on different kinds of nail polish.

Golden Rose gave me a good impression of their nail polish. I love how pigmented it is. With just 2 strokes, you can have your nails covered opaquely. I also love how the nail color is the same with what you're going to see on its bottle. Trust the bottle, that's the color you'e going to get. With its wide brush, you can prevent bubbles and streaks because all it takes are 2 strokes to cover a nail.

I made a little twist with this nail polish swatch. Instead of covering up my entire nail. I made a very easy nail art to show you. All it takes is your choice of nail polish, a tape and your steady hand. Sorry to have not provided images on this tutorial since I thought about it too late but I promise to make it up to you on my next nail art. Here's the instruction on making this very easy and simple negative space nail art:

  1. Clean your nail with a nail polish remover. Push your cuticles to have a bigger nail canvas. Never ever cut your cuticles to prevent cuticle infections.
  2. Apply a coat of your base coat. I really have brittle nails so to prevent nail chip, I use Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener. This base coat does wonders for my nails. I'll review this to all of you soon.
  3. Wait for the base coat to dry. Once it's dry, cut 5 strips of tape or 10 in advance. It will be mush easier and it will prevent further nail art mess in the future.
  4. Lay the tape on each nail. You can have it diagonally, horizontally and vertically. 
  5. Once all are placed on each nail. You can now start painting on your nails normally. 
  6. Take off the tapes one by one until you have a very clean line of polish. 
  7. Finish your nail art with a coat of your favorite top coat. I'm using Essense Gel-Look Top Coat in XXXL Shine.
  8. Voila! You have the negative space nail art on your own.  Enjoy experimenting with different angles and shapes of tape to have your own unique nail art design.

I mentioned negative space above and if you're wondering what it is, let me explain it to you. Negative space is the term used to define a nail art that is leaving a portion of your nail untouched with nail color. You can google on Negative Space nail art and see examples if you're very curious. I'm going to leave here a single example if you're lazy like me. 

Image from Hello Magazine

Nail polishes used:
Base coat: Essence Studio Nails Ultra Strong Nail Hardener
Nail color: Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer is no. 24
Top coat: Essence Gel-Look Top Coat in XXXL Shine

I love this nail polish. It is not bubbly and is very easy to apply. I would definitely repurchase if you may ask. It cost Php79, very cheap considering a nail polish that has the exact performance with other expensive nail polish out there. I'll no doubt try their gel-effect nail polish and other colors of their color effect polish. Thanks for staying with me in this blog post. I hope you enjoy my simple nail tutorial. I can't wait to see you try it. Leave a photo on your attempt on this nail art (if you attempted) on the comments below. Have a happy Sunday, guys!

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  1. When I tried it, it didn't look THAT pretty! Haha but I used a different nail polish, maybe that's why. I love that what you see is what you get with the color. I often purchase nail polish that looks so vibrant on the bottle then when you apply, the color is so faint it's disappointing.

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. It takes dedication and sweat haha. just kidding. Keep practicing and you'll get there!

  2. I love this brand's line too! Pigmented, smooth, thin but opaque!! I have a nude color and this blue based pink that frankly makes my hands look gray. :))

    CJ | From Manila with Love : A Beauty, Life & Feminism Blog

    1. We all go through that time that we bought the very wrong shade for our hand lol. The only thing you can do is slay that gray hand and be confident about it. It's good you love the same product, I love it too!