Unboxing: Glamourbox x BYS September 2015 Special Edition Box

by - October 17, 2015

Long time no talk internet world! These past weeks I've been in between work and contemplating about my life choices. I don't know if I should venture web design fully or stick to long-term future plans. Well about blogging? I didn't even think of it. I just want this blog to be my comfort haven. Wherein I can write about my love for makeup and lots more. 

Speaking of makeup, I  finally receive the package awhile ago from Glamourbox which is their BYS Special Edition box! I ordered this weeks ago and I waited for this package to arrive for like forever! The wait is very long as compared to Lazada and Zalora which only took around 1-3 days for me to receive. This took 2 weeks to arrive! But the good side of this is that it is intact inside. It is wrapped securely in a bubble wrap. Then once you remove it, you'll be surprised that the box is inside a plastic covering. The contouring palette inside is also wrapped in a bubble box which is a plus! A broken palette is the least I need to worry about this box. I'm very happy with my experience with Glamourbox. This is the very first time I ordered a subscription box my whole life and it didn't fail on me. I'll give you a pat on the back for that Team Glamourbox. You are very accommodating and you have the nicest support ever!

Moving on with the box per se. Once you open the box, you'll be greeted by a card from the Glamourbox Team:

BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox
Indulge your makeup obsession. Go from basic to bangin' with this makeup stash from BYS. From neutrals to vibrant pinks - we've got you covered! 
xoxo, Glamourbox Team

At the back of the card you'll get a glimpse of what'  inside the box:

BYS Nude Eyeshadow Palette (Nude 1 or 2) - Full size 12g / Php1199
Let your eyes do the talking with these timeless neutrals to take you from day to night. Beauty junkies and newbies will love these smooth, velvety and highly pigmented eye shadows encased in a gorgeous sleek palette.

BYS Contour in Sweet - Full size 8g / Php 449
Serve that face with something sweet! This handy palette contains 3 universally flattering shades; one to color your cheeks, one for highlighting your best features, and one for contouring. This product won Cosmopolitan Magazine's 2015 Beauty Awards!

BYS Blush Duo (Miss Pink or Paint it Pink) - Full size 5g / Php349
Add a pop of pink to those cheeks with this versatile blush duo.

BYS Matte Lipstick (Salsa, Tango or Celebrity Status) - Full size 3.5g / Php299
Swipe this richly pigmented matte lippie on those kissers for an instant lip pick-me-up!

BYS Brow Definition Kit - Full size4g / Php399
Redefine your brow game with this BYS Brow Definition Kit, which contains an eyebrow wax to tidy and prime your brow hair, plus 3 brow powders you can mix and match to create the perfect brow color.

BYS Nail Polish (Assorted shades) - Full size 14g / Php199
Paint on some gorgeous color with this bright and smooth nail lacquer to instantly glam up any look!

If you'll sum up the prices of the products inside you'll notice that it's a win for me. I only paid Php1100 + shipping for Php2894 worth of makeup. Considering that this is also an international brand we're talking about.

I'm going to be in detail with the items I got so stay with me and keep reading.

First up is a green nail polish in the shade Steal the Limelight. I'm very curious with the name since when we speak of limelight, we often visualize glitter, reds and bright blue. Oddly, this is a light green shade. Gotta swatch this for you someday.

Next is a red, very red matte lipstick in the shade Celebrity status. I really love red lipsticks and thank you Glamourbox for sending me a red shade. I can't wait to wear this.

Then I have here a blush duo in the shade Paint it Pink. It is composed of two shades actually. One is light pink and the other a darker version of the light one. I love this shades of pink. My blush before is similar to this and I get compliments on that. No wonder this blush will definitely suit my skin tone.

One of my faves in this box is this Brow Definition Kit in 01 Wow Brows. Doing my eyebrows in one of my favorite routine since college and groomed brows is my favorite thing to notice in a person's face. If you get to talk to me face-to-face better consider me checking out your brows. (And your nails too!)

Second to the last item is a Contour Kit in 02 Sweet. I rarely contour my face since I'm embracing my chubby face. Sometimes, if I am in the mood, I experiment with contouring. I don't usually use a highlighter though,I only get to use a bronzer. I think this contour kit will change that because it has a highlighter with it. Plus, another blush!

Last but not the least is the highlight of the box which is the Nude 2 Eyeshadow Palette. This is the main reason I bought this box. I really want to buy my own eyeshadow palette for me to use on experimenting different looks. I want to fully do my makeup if there are events so that I don't need to rely on my my mom to do it for me. This is by far the first eyeshadow palette that I bought and the second I have. This will be a great starting palette for a beginner like me. So excited!

I really love all the things I got in this box. Glamourbox even had all the shades I love correctly! If you're going to ask If I'll order again from them. Well yes. I don't have any regrets buying this. Even a tiny one! I'm looking forward to their next subscription box. Till next time!

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  1. Great bunch!

    I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog. I’m giving away one Urban Decay Naked Flush and 2 Sephora Monnshadow palettes. check it out: http://thewestcoastexplorer.me/2015/10/16/birthday-giveaway-add-on/



  2. Waaah this looks like a good box full surprises! <3

    XO, Ochi In The City

    1. It is! Although I knew already what I'm expecting. But still there's a little surprise to what shade of item I will get.

  3. Hi! I really like how you blog :) Anyway, I also love BYS especially its eye and brow pencil. I first read a review about it on http://www.webbline.com/bys-brow-and-eye-pencil-review/ and now I am very much happy with this beauty find ;D same taste as yours hehe

  4. Hi Great review!Anyway, I also love BYS especially its eye and brow pencil. I first read a review about it on http://www.webbline.com/bys-brow-and-eye-pencil-review/ and now I am very much happy with this beauty find ;D same taste as yours hehe