MAC Stud Eyebrow Pencil Review

by - October 19, 2015

I know it's odd for me to post on a weekday, but I've got here some pending blog post so here I am. I'm going to share you what is my most favorite thing in the world right now, an eyebrow pencil. If you are a consistent reader of mine, you'll know how often I tell that I love doing my brows which is undeniably true. I don't usually do my eyebrows for a daily basis when going to the office, but if I want an extra poof on my face without going too much on makeup, I definitely do my brows a 100% percent.

I have tried 3 eyebrow products ever since I started doing my brows. First one is a powder type which I forgot what brand since my grandma gave that to me with faded packaging. Next was an Everbilena eyebrow pencil, the one with a white packaging. This was my partner through thick and thin when I was in college. I never tried any more brands, just me and her against the world. Lastly and now, I'm using a MAC retractable pencil which I think is in the shade Stud. I actually got this a year ago as a gift from my boyfriend. Ever since, I never bought any eyebrow product. Well, talk about being an eyebrow fanatic, but not even once hoarded on eyebrow products.

I really love this product since it is long lasting. It is also sweat-proof. It stays on my brows for such a long time good enough to not retouch the whole time that I am in the office. It even covers the cow lick on my right brows. If you're into the long-staying power of an eyebrow product like me, then you're good to go with this eyebrow pencil. It promises that it is also water-proof so you don't have to worry rain dripping on your brows. Just make sure you don't wipe on it. 

As for the color, my boyfriend got me the Stud which is spot-on with the shade of hair I have since then. If you have black to dark brown hair color, I recommend you getting the Stud shade. It has a deep rich blackened brown shade which I love because it doesn't overpower my hair color. (Tip: if you have a dark hair, stick to an eyebrow shade which is lighter than your hair color. Then, if you have a light hair, stick to a darker shade of eyebrow)

Because of my love for this eyebrow pencil, I am really saving this product. I don't do my eyebrows everyday that's why I get to have this for a year now. Plus, the product is pigmented enough to give color on my brows without giving you a very awkward thickness. A little effort goes a long way with this product actually. Another thing, I'm not a fan of the retractable type. One con of this is I don't get to see how many more of the product I have left to use. So I'll not be surprised if someday I'll be shocked that I'm out of it. How I wish I did both my brows already the time this will be out. Also, I tend to snap the pencil if I get to overdo the twist of this eyebrow pencil. Well, easy gliding comes with a price. Because it tends to be soft and easy to apply, comes how brittle it actually is. So another tip for you, don't overdo the twisting and stick to a small amount of product peeping through the pencil itself. 

Moving on with the pros/cons of the product:

- Easy to glide
- Color is not overpowering
- Little amount of the product goes a long way
- Long-lasting (Can cover long office hours)
- Water-proof/Sweat-proof

- Expensive
- Brittle product

Here's a little MOTD for you. Usually, this is my go-to makeup look in the office plus the brows and the different kinds of lipstick shade depending on the mood:

Will I repurchase this product? Hell yes! I'm thinking though of finding an alternative for me to try since I really want to venture on to different brands of make-up. If you have any suggestions then let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have anything to clarify or ask, don't be shy. I'll surely reply right away!

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  1. Interesting! I've been using Snoe eyebrow pencil and it's been doing wonders so far :)

    1. I hope to give this a try! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hmmm might give this a try, I used brow powder for a long time and I guess I have to explore other option. Thank you for sharing!

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

    1. My first ever eyebrow product is a brow powder and I love how it looks natural on the brows. Although I'm doubting on its staying power. So I always stick on an eyebrow pencil because I'm too lazy to retouch haha.

  3. Wow, your face is naturally clear! Btw, I like how your eyebrows seems so low-maintenance, like you didn't even paint/style them. HUHUHU How come I don't get the same results whatever product I use. HAHAhuhu

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. I love natural brows! Too bad I'm not blessed with thick brows. After years and years of practice. I managed to draw my brows the way I want it to which is for it to look natural! Good to know someone like you told that to me. I'm touched! lol. Anyway, I'm lucky to have a clear skin. My mom always told me to not use different types of facial wash.

  4. Until now I'm still searching for the right eyebrow product for me! I've used a lot na pero wala pa rin akong napipili that i will use permanently! Haha. How much does this cost by the way?

    1. I asked my boyfriend about that yesterday actually. He told me he doesn't remember then gave me a wild guess the moment after! Gonna tell it to you anyway. According to him, he bough it around Php1000? We are not sure since this is already a year ago! Sorry!