BYS Celebrity Status Lipstick Review

by - October 24, 2015

I'm so eager to try the lipstick included in my BYS Glamourbox. The reason is that I really love the red shade in my makeup. From lipstick to nail polish, I always end up wearing a red one since red represents elegance for me. Plus, I feel whiter than my normal skin tone. So it's no doubt that this is the first one up for review among the other things I got in my Glamourbox.

BYS Matte Lipstick in Celebrity Status is a bright red lip color that nearly resembles a red carpet color. My first impression on this lipstick is that this is a very good lip color for parties and special events. I used this once though in the office but, I didn't go overboard with the color. This is still wearable for office use as long as you wear this with minimal amount only.

The first time I wore this lipstick, I had a very hard time with the application. Since it is very pigmented, I tend to overpass my lip line and end up getting very messy. Don't worry though, you can still clean it up with a makeup remover. I don't like catchy bright lip colors so I didn't go overboard with the application and blot extra lipstick on a tissue paper. You may also want to do that too since the lipstick is not in matte finish after application and it is slow to dry. I ended up blotting 2 times just to achieve that matte look. 

After 2 blots of tissue paper on my lipstick, I was very impressed with how pigmented it still looks on my lips. Being matte, it transfers. But despite the transfer, you don't need to reapply after blotting since the color really stays on the lips. I love having the stained look and this lipstick didn't disappoint. 

For a Filipina skin tone, I think this is still good. This is an all around lipstick that can also fit with a light, medium and dark skin tone.

I allotted a whole day to try this lipstick and observe it. I already told you how good its color and pigmentation is and now I'm going to talk about how long it stays on my lips. This lipstick is surprisingly long lasting. After drinking and eating, there is still a little product left on the lips giving you that tinted look. If you're a person who always end up licking your lips because of the dryness then please wear a lip balm first because the lipstick will surely not last long with that habit. It took me 2 sets of meals (breakfast and lunch) to get the product fully fade on my lips leaving what's left of my lipstick only at the part of my lip line. This is actually not bad. Being a lazy pants on reapplying my lipstick. I get to say this is a thumbs up. 

There is only one thing that I pretty much hate about this lipstick, it's packaging. The cap tends to remove on its own and I don't know why. What I know is that the lipstick is already all over my makeup bag and it's very very very very messy. What I hate more is that my lipstick is already deformed and scratched. I hope BYS repackage their matte lipstick line and think of how loose its cap is.

Going now to a brief pros/cons of the lipstick:

- Long lasting
- Pigmented
- Minimal transfer
- Color is good for a Filipina skin tone
- Doesn't bleed
- Not very drying
- Easy to glide on the lips

- Packaging (Cap is easily removed in my makeup bag)
- Messy to apply (Because it's easy to glide on the lips)
- Slow to dry

I'm really curious with the other colors of this lipstick line and I'm interested on buying and trying them. If you have any review suggestions or comments feel free to leave them in the comments below. Have a happy weekend guys!

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  1. The color on the lips looks lighter when applied, no?

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Yes! I thought it was on the dark shades of red pero mali ako. It's very catchy sa mata ng iba. lol