Solique Gel Polish by Girlstuff - Baby Blues

by - September 20, 2015

Here's another round up of my weekly nails! Let's give today's spotlight to the very new Solique Gel Polish by Girlstuff. To all nail polish enthusiast out there, Girlstuff has finally heard our prayers because this week, they launched their newest line of unique gel polish named Solique. Now why are these gel polishes unique? These are unique because these gel polish doesn't need a UV light to help cure them! You heard me right. No UV light needed.

Can you imagine a gel polish without any UV light needed to cure? Before, It doesn't even cross my mind. Well there are some products out there that promises gel effect finishes to our nails. They are fairly good when it comes to the shine. But what they can't give us are the look and the thickness of gel polishes give. Nail gel polish are very beautiful and elegant to look at. Plus, they are very long lasting. One nail artist even told me that they can even last a month maximum. She even added that gel polishes are made for corporate women who doesn't have much time to pamper themselves at the salon. Talking about the price of Gel manicure at a salon, they are pretty pricey for a common nail polish junkie. One more thing that is a con to gel mani is how it will destroy our outer nail bed. Since the nail is trapped inside the gel polish, it tends to dry. Also, removing the gel polish doesn't help on the nail bed either. FYI, gel polishes are very hard to remove, it can't be removed by ordinary nail polish remover.

Now think about how Girlstuff made our lives easier. I'm so happy when I first heard Solique. I immediately bought a bottle of their colored gel polish namely Baby Blues and the very important gel top coat. They say that the both bottles need to be together to cure the colored gel polish. It's like the top coat itself is your own UV light in a bottle!

I chose Baby Blues among the other 5 more colors since I'm totally in love of the very cute and subtle baby blue shade. I didn't consider the application though. I have a love-hate relationship with pastel colors because they are hard to apply. Every pastel nail polish out there, whether they are expensive or not are very streaky for me. So you have it right. I had a hard time applying this polish, though, I really really love the outcome. I love how smooth and thick it is when the top coat is applied. The top coat does the job of giving the gel manicure I was looking for. I'm very happy about this gel nail polish that I might consider buying a few more colors on the next pay day. I'm really broke as of the moment that's why I bought only one shade and a top coat. I swear to give you a swatch of the few other colors of these very amazing gel polish.

I won't end this blog post without giving you any nail art of the week. So for today's nail art, I will show you a very simple glittery french tip. I used Solique Baby Blues Gel Polish as my base coat of course. Then for the french tip, I used OMG Gems in Hematite.

Nail Polishes I used:
Base coat: Essence Studio Nails Nail Strong Nail Hardener
Nail color: Solique Gel Polish in Baby Blues, OMG Gems in Hematite
Top coat: Solique Gel Top Coat

  • Affordable (Only Php180 for the colored gel polish and Php200 for the top coat)
  • No UV light needed
  • Can be removed by ordinary nail polish remover
  • Easy to dry

  • Streaky (always my problem with pastel nail polish)

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  1. Looking at your nails is like looking at photos on Pinterest. They're always lovely to look at!

    Btw, honest question, what's the difference between a regular polish and gel polish? Haven't tried one in actual but they look the same in photos.

    1. Thanks Ochi! Regular polish is thinner than gel polish if applied. Also, Regular polish only lasted a week max with light chipping while gel polish stays for 2 weeks or more. When it comes to removing the regular polish you only need a nail polish remover while gel polishes needs soaking your nails in acetone and foil or sometimes a machine buffer if that's what they call that. One more thing, gel polish needs UV light to cure (dry). Phew! Haha.

  2. I really wanna try this. I am fond of nail polish and I never tried gel polish ever since. ^_^

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