Etude House Petit Bijou Intensive Care Cream Review

by - September 13, 2015

I didn't able to enjoy my weekend that much because I'm bed-ridden 60% of the time. I suffered from colds and fever starting Friday so I need to rest the entire Saturday just to be well for today. My boyfriend visited me here at home because we cannot go out to the mall or any place. That's thanks to my colds. Good thing, every second with my boyfriend is as much enjoyment that I can bear for the day.

I've been stoked to review a product for you guys weeks ago and I'd finally managed to write this up for you! It is actually a gift to me by my colleagues. So thanks to them for the very awesome and handy gift. It is Etude House's Petit Bijou Intensive Care Cream.  If you have stayed with my blog this past week, you'll notice that I have a love for nails, and if you'll think it through you must have also thought of my love for my hands. I really love my hands! I moisturize them most of the time, especially at the office since it gets to be cold and drying for the hands. 

Etude House's Petit Bijou Intensive Care Cream is in a cute hand-size tube packaging containing 100ml of product. Perfect enough to bring with me everywhere I go. You also don't have to worry that much on the mess it will make in your bag since it is fully secured. Unless you squeeze it with effort then It won't help. This product is also dermatologist tested so this is safe to our skin. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that it is fine for people with allergies or dermatologist 100% recommend this. For my skin, since I don't have a sensitive one, I didn't experience any itching or redness on my skin.

At the back of the packaging are pure Korean instructions and writing. I planned on having it translated by one Korean agent at my office before I found out that there is a small portion below with English instructions and ingredients. 

It says:
This delicate body cream is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid Sodium, Milk Protein, Chamomile and the Petit Bijou fragrance to: soften and relieve stressed skin.

[Directions] Use hands to dispense and apply cream to all areas of the body by gently rubbing and massaging. Target dry skin areas for moisturizing relief.

[Caution] 1. For external use only. 2. Avoid contact with eyes. 3. Keep out of reach of children. 4. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/or rash appear.

This cream is not just actually for the hands, it can also be used to other parts of the body with stressed and dry skin. You can also use these at you elbows, feet, neck and if you are brave enough, your face. I don't really suggest using this on your face since I don't think this is SPECIFICALLY made for your face. 

The consistency of this cream is creamy. It is has a milky and liquid-y texture to it. But don't worry about this if ever you're not a fan. If you get a product out of the tube, the product stays intact together like it was a bit tacky. but when smudged that's when you realize its milkiness.

Let's get to the part I really love about this product. The scent. I can't get enough of how fragrant this cream is! According to the description of this product, it says it has a chamomile and petit bijou fragrant in it. I swear it is really good. If only we have the technology to let our readers smell products on the internet then I would definitely let you smell this. To be fair, the fragrant of this product resembles a baby powder scent only more floral because of the chamomile.

I love this cream! It does its promised job to soften my skin. As for the scent? The scent is to die for. If you would ask me if I would purchase this product, then my answer would be yes! I would love to use this as long as I can. I'm very thankful to my colleagues for letting me have this cream. It is perfect for my hands. Happy hands is a happy me!

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