Color my Nails: Rimmel London's 60-Seconds Red Carpet

by - September 05, 2015

I'm back with some nail polish loving today! It's been a while since I last posted a nail polish entry and now it's about time to have a new addition to the tag. I'm so disappointed of myself because I never get to show my readers some of my nails of the week. I know that my lack of posting is very much in contrast to the times I paint my nails. I swear I'll work this out!

There is something new in this post. One day, I got to DIY my own backdrop for my nail photos. I'm curious on how those nail artist/bloggers make their nail photos so good. Don't get confused. I haven't made a lightbox. Instead, I just used a black folder and let the natural light from a window do all the work. I also set up my camera together with a tripod to have that crisp and clear image. At first, I don't like the outcome, but as I edit the pictures, it turned out pretty good. I'll make sure that the next time I take nail photography seriously, I should just go with what I have and when productivity struck me, then I'll set up my very own lightbox.

Now let's start with the nail polish per se. This Rimmel nail polish is gifted to me by my aunt from Saudi Arabia. I'm so ecstatic when she gave a nail polish. It's a plus that she gave a rare one. Rimmel is only sold her online or at bazaar so it made me happy to have something so rare. This nail polish is a also quick dry one making me a very happy camper. It definitely gave me the ease to put on the second top coat, because after I just put on a round of coat to all my nails, they're all ready for the second coat. It basically saved my the headache of not moving too much just to have that perfect shy and flawless mani.

When applied to the nails. It gives a very elegant shade of red.

I tried applying a matte top coat and it still looks good. This shade is definitely worth wearing for the week. It is also office and night-life friendly.

This nail polish also has a thick applicator promising us 1-second application. I don't actually believe this since I still had a hard time messing the sides of my nails. My nails are small so I think this type of applicator is not for me. But to make a point, the applicator is enough to give 2 strokes of nail polish per coat. Giving you that shiny finish.

I love love love this nail polish! I hope I can get a hold of the different shades on this line of nail polish by Rimmel. I'm thinking of a blue or pink shade. I hope someday I can find an online seller that sells this. If you get to know a shop that has Rimmel nail polish let me know! You can comment where down below.

Nail polish used:
Nail color: Rimmel London's 60-Seconds 310 Red Carpet
Top coat: Girl Stuff Fast-dry, Bobbie matte top coat
Base coat: Bobbie basic

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  1. I also have difficulties on making decent shots for my reviews and it takes so much time for me to get a satisfied shot. Black folder is a brilliant idea! May I know what camera you are using?

    The color really compliments your nails. So pretty!

    1. Hi! I'm currently using a Nikon D5100 with a 35mm 1.8g lens. I think it's much better if you use a black cloth. It may be a black shirt or curtain. I think black cloth will give a deeper black in the photos since it doesn't reflect much of the light. Let the natural do the magic. :)