Color My Nails: Bobbie Marsala Collection Swatch

by - September 10, 2015

Now I've got here some nail polish swatches from Bobbie's Marsala Collection. I don't actually own the complete collection so this swatch is incomplete for a while. The good news is that I own more than half them so I think it's not that bad right? If you're curious on what this collection looks like, go ahead and scroll down up to the end of this blog post.

Here I am again for another entry about my (*drum rolls please*) nails! I know this won't even surprise you because my previous blog entries are mainly about my nails and nail art. But please don't think that this blog will turn into a nail blog or something. I am still planning on posting some other shenanigans about my life, beauty and other things that I find fancy. So please hold on my dear readers if ever you're not interested in nail polish and nail art.

Back to what this blog post is suppose to be, I am a bit regretful on not buying the whole collection. I am really out of budget that time that I need to choose between these 3 lovelies or 1 of Bobbie's Leather Collection nail polish. Can you imagine the pain of choosing between two things you want to have? Well I ended up having these 3 because you know what ladies are capable of. Sometimes we prefer quantity over quality, with a consideration on what's cheaper and worth buying. It's a very tough night for me if you'll ask. My boyfriend even helped me chose between the two. So now that I have these 3 polishes I am very happy to swatch this for you. I swear even if you're not a fan of nail polish, you'll still like the shades of these nail polishes. They are work and school-friendly.

My expectations of Bobbie's Marsala Collection is that it consists of mainly reds and reddish pinks. That's because it's our pantone of the year. So imagine my shock that the shades I mainly found on this collection are nudes. Yes, nudes. They came from light nude to brown then yellow and green. I don't know how they came up with this colors for the Marsala collection but I think it's way to far for our known Marsala. Guys, if ever you know the reason why, then please state them in the comments below.

Starting off with Beech Tease. Beech Tease is a light nude color. This one, I thought, won't even fit my skin tone. My skin tone is light brown btw. So I'm confident to say this nail polish fits us Filipinas. Well actually it must be since Bobbie is a Filipino brand. What made me love this nail color? This made my a shade lighter and I really really love it! I want nail polishes that compliments my hand and I can say this one really did its job. Though while applying it, the polish tends to be really streaky so it takes patience and guts to apply it perfectly.

Next is Seductive Coco-a. This nail polish has a greyish-brown color in it. Same as Beech Tease, it can also make my hands lighter so it's a thumbs up.  Though I'll remind you again, this nail polish is also streaky while applying. What can you expect, light colored polishes tends to get streaky so it must not be a shock. But at least, I can assure you that this nail color is really beautiful.

Last from my swatch for today is Mudly Dramatic. This nail color is dark brown. It has a bit of grey in it but the brown really stood out when applied. It also made my hand lighter but not as light as the first two nail polishes. This one though is not streaky so I find this nail polish easier to apply.

I'm very thankful for the appreciations I got from my previous nail posts so I'm including here another simple nail art using the colors above. Yey!

Here's a polka-dotted nail art using Mudly Dramatic as my base color, Seductive Coco-a for the polka dots and a medium dotting tool from Girl Stuff (not sure if it's medium or large) for the dots. I really love how this nail art turned out. Since I love sweets, I always think of chocolates every time I look at my nails. It looks like chocolates right?

Nail Polishes I used:
Base coat: Essence Studio Nails Nail Strong Nail Hardener
Nail color: Bobbie Beech Tease (swatched only), Seductive Coco-a, Mudly Dramatic
Top coat: Girl Stuff Fast-dry
Tools: Girl Stuff's dotting tool (medium/large)

Thanks for making it here at the end of this post. This one is a tough and long blog post to read so you've got some patience in there. Thank you again for reading and have a nice day!

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  1. Your nails are so pretty talaga. I prefer nude colors when choosing my nail polish, playing safe lang because some of the shades looks dull when it stays long on my nails. I like the first and last plus your nail art, ang ganda!

    1. I like the first one din! I'm glad that you liked my nail art. it's so simple yet funky. I even let that be my mani of the week!

  2. I love the first one! Too bad I can never paint my nails without i looking like it was murdered haha! I wonder how you guys do that, it's amazing!

    The North Kid by Pam de Guzman

    1. I swear it's not easy! I've been painting my nails for years now so I've been practicing for a long time.

  3. You're really good with that nail thingy! :) How I wish I could do that to myself lol. I used to own a lot of Bobbie nail polish (which my mom usually use) Hehe!

    1. I know painting nails is not necessary but if you want to learn it then start painting now! You are lucky to have nail polishes for you to practice. Before, I even need to buy my own just to have one. My mom isn't very supportive regarding this matter. She prefers having my nails done at a salon ;(