Books for Less @ 20 Warehouse Sale

Whoever is a total bookworm there will surely panic once they go inside a warehouse full of books. Most specially if the books are on a major sale. I'm not a bookworm. I can't call myself one since, I don't crave for books. If I'm not a bookworm and I'm beyond happy too see thousands of books right in front of me, what else for those who are a hundred percent book enthusiasts?

Books for Less are now officially open for their annual warehouse sale! For this year they are selling away thousand of books for only 20 pesos. The good books are not at 20 pesos though. They are only on 20% off. But still, shrug that whining up because the books on 20% off are still very much affordable! You can even find books that are almost new at only 200 pesos. If you're wondering what are the books you can find there, well I can say that you can find children books, recipe books, religious books, mystery books and plenty more.

I'll be showing you what are the books I bought and at the end of this post I'll be giving some tips on how to survive the hoarding people. Also, being the first time I attended this book sale, believe me, I don't want you experiencing what I just experienced.

First up, diet books for my boyfriend. I didn't buy this for him because I wanted to but rather, he is really into dieting. I'm letting him get away with this because I love him like that. I am stoked on buying the book that has the title of not dieting and just enjoy life just for him to realize that he is enough the way he is. I hope this book can help him out with his problems.

Next, some mystery/murder books. Believe me or not, I'm a fan of mystery, horror, suspense and thriller books. I don't know why I love them. But I think it's because I have that minimal love on the paranormal. Don't get me wrong, even though I'm interested, I don't want to experience them in person. Get to think of it, I'm lucky I don't.

Here are some books that can help me be the best me. I'm a work in progress and I'm moving towards a better self each year. I have here Searching for a God to Love for my faith and Gutsy Girls for a more daring and courageous me.

Who leaves a book sale without a cookbook?! Really. If it's you, then you are missing out! You may not like cooking but still, why are you not into food pictures?! Anyway, the last book in the photo above is all about the recipes of some dishes in America's most favorite restaurants (From Applebee's to California Pizza Kitchen). So it's a great catch for only 20 pesos.

Last book for the day is this big book of DIY crafts! I'm now venturing to crafts and I'm happy to have found this book! Too bad I didn't able to find some calligraphy or lettering books. Fingers crossed to the next time they hold another booksale!

My colleague Camille and I had a hard time strolling among shelves and boxes of books the moment the people piled up inside the warehouse. And me? My tote bag is can't even hold all the books I hoarded! Because of the unexpected fail moments that happened a while ago, I'm giving you some tips before going to their book sale:

  1. Bring a big tote bag. A really big one or 2 or more normal sized tote bags may do. As long as you shop according to your tote bag size. If you want to travel with books tied up in a plastic string then you're fine.
  2. Wear a face mask. The place is really dusty. I found myself sneezing every time I get close to the boxes of books.
  3. Speaking of dusts, you're hand tend to be dusty and dirty after that hours of hoarding so bring an alcohol. 
  4. Expect a lot of books. This book sale is not like the branches of Books for Less you see at malls. You'll be overwhelmed once you go inside. I swear.
  5. Make sure to dig up the boxes of books you see. Some good books are at the bottom of the pile.
  6. Unless you're up for sneeking in parties of people carrying alot of books, then go there early. 8 am to 8:30 am is the ideal time if you'll ask me. We arrived that time range and I regret that I didn't moved fast on gathering up books. The people multiplied like crazy!
  7. If I'm going to be asked, go there on a weekday. I believe that the crowd will not be as crazy as it is now.
  8. Expect major hoarders in the place. I even see parents leaving their kids in the middle of boxes with the books they hoarded. 
  9. Going there early doesn't mean you need to enjoy the stroll. Be fast and attentive to good books. Once the people piled up, there goes long lines in the cashier. You don't want to be next to a major hoarder eh.
  10. Where comfortable clothes. If possible where a lose shirt and shorts. It tends to get hot inside once the people piled up inside.
  11. Don't bring big bags. I recommend you to just bring a small body bag that you can attend to at all means.
  12. Lastly, find books that you will surely read. The books are cheap but that doesn't mean you go get all the books you see on the way. That's still 20 pesos and make that money go to a worthy book.
See photos below of the actual scene in the book sale:

Prepare well before you go to the book sale. I swear it will not be comfortable but it will be worth it. You can find books that can surely spark your interest. Let me know if you attended the book sale by commenting below the link of your blog entry (if you have written it) or you can just type what are the kinds of books you bought at the place. Well then, happy book hoarding!

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  1. Great finds! This post makes me miss reading novels! I wish we have book sales like this one here in our city. Sadly we don't :( hehe

    1. I'm lucky to have live near the warehouse. I hope Books for Less will hear out those in Visayas and Mindanao as well. We'll never know ;)