Friday's 10 Happy Things (Vol. 1)

I'm actually feeling good this week, so I am in the need to write this blog entry! Even though I only get to have less than 5 hours a day for actual freedom from the office, believe me or not, I'm still having good quality self time.

Before I get started, this is actually a blog link-up from Helga Weber of Ditz Revolution wherein I can list down the 10 things that made me happy weekly. Sounds exciting right?!
If you're very much enticed to be with us, you can click the image at the bottom of this blog post to join.

  1. Got to read Purpose Driven Life. This book is really uplifting. I promise.
  2. Spotify. Spotify is part of my daily routine. From Christian Songs to Green Day, I can listen to it all morning while on commute. Well, my preference in music is weird, I know.
  3. Stradmore x Laureen Uy's #BeTheBestYouJournal. Journaling is good for the soul.You read it right.
  4. I got to be active in blogging lately. Finally!
  5. Learning different kind of things. Like some stuff InDesign
  6. Cleaner laptop! I finally got rid of the virus in my laptop. I'm really going crazy because of the adware.
  7. I ventured bullet planning. I am much comfortable having my to-do lists in a bullet than having them in a boxed calendar. Remember, productivity comes first!
  8. Got that more than enough creative juices flowing in me. I am inspired for some DIYs and lettering. All thanks to pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest..
  9. I am crrrr-aaaazyyy of Pinterest lately. It gives me that extra boost of creativity for the day. It's like my coffee actually (because I hate coffee).
  10. Fun brother and me time. I really love my brother. He is one of the people who gives me strength and laugh each day. I'll write about him someday so you'll get to meet that munchkin of a person.
So that's about it. If I get to miss anything more, well I'm very lucky to have more than 10 reasons to smile this week. Hopefully, next week is a much much better week for me. 

Don't forget to click the link below if you want to join us! Happy Friday my dear reader!

Ditz Revolution

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