Color My Nails: Red and Gold

July 25, 2015

Ever since, I am really in love with nail polishes that I hoard a lot of them in one go. Every week I change colors from plain colors to glitter to matte. I never get bored of nail polishes. I rather buy nail polishes than foundation or concealer. Come to think of it, should I consider this as my guilty pleasure? 

I'm actually a plain-colored nails type of girl so, I rather have plain colored nails that have nail art or anything. But nowadays I'm wanting to go out of my comfort zone and do my own nail art. I've never been the best on controlling a nail polish brush so my nails are never ever perfect. So because of this, I thought that I should do nail art on myself for me to get better at doing my nails. I knew it would be hard work but, hard work doesn't hurt right?

I'm having a feeling that I should go with red nails this week. I saw plenty of girls wearing red the past week, and as a result, it inspired me to go red. I saw the Red Essence Colour & Go nail polish in my nail polish stack (it's odd that I can't find its name on the bottle) and it's perfect for a beginner on nail art like me because it's quick dry. I don't need to worry on waiting extra hours for the base nail polish to dry once I fail and do the design again. Meanwhile, for the gold nail polish, I thought that the gold shade from OMG named "Gold Digger" is a perfect partner for the red that I chose. I'm going on for a elegant-kind of look. And looking at the outcome right now... Yep it's elegant (and cute).

Referring to the photo above from left to right: Essence Colour & Go, OMG Nail Lacquer in Gold Digger and Essence Gel-Look Plumping top coat (XXXL Volume).

I had a hard time moving the brush around. Unlike doing the usual straight stroke which is now easy peasy for me, doing the heart shaped french tip on my ring finger is so hard to perfect. I think I repeated it 3 times before I got it right. Nail art is definitely hard work and focus. Good thing that the hours it took me to do this nail art is very much worth it. I ended up falling in love with it 100%. Hence, I'm looking forward next week for my new nail art design!

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  1. Your nails are pretty! Love the red and gold! <3 When I was pregnant, I used to have my nails done every week as well. Haha. But after I gave birth, I don't know why but I lost the interest in having my nails done. I do them myself now. LOL

    xo, Janine

    1. I am not born having gorgeous nails but I'm fortunate to have realize my hands worth at an early age so I took extra care of it ever since. I love red and gold too! Especially gold, it fits any color! Maybe you should start doing your nails again. It's like make up, it gives you that extra confidence when showing off your hands. :D

  2. Hey love! I love your blog although I just recently found it! I'm so glad to find someone who has as much love as I do for nail polishes! :) Followed you right away!

    I just moved in to blogspot, hope you can check my blog out!

  3. My eyes were immediately attracted to the accented polish design you did on your ring fingernail! Pretty. :) I don't color my fingernails.. more like a rare event if and when I do that. I prefer nailpolish on my toenails more hehe.. they last longer kasi, though it's not a good or to leave them on for more than 2 weeks AFAIK, bad for your nails daw.

    Anna (

    1. At first I hate having nail polish on my hands too! Reasons are I don't know how and they are a hassle to remove. But I grew to love them. They are pretty to look up. Plus they are like accessories to the hand! I rarely have nail polish on my toenails though. They are not entirely seen by many so I leave it only prim and proper. Regarding the 2-week nail polish. I believe that. Better remove it on or much better before 2 weeks!