Inspire me, Tuesdays (Vol. 1)

It's been a while since I last blogged, reason is that I simply don't have the inspiration to do so. I don't have any idea what to blog and I often forgot what I'm going to write when an idea crossed my mind. Finally, after all the missed blogging opportunities, I bumped my head and told myself, "Enough of the reasons and put yourself together! Get up there and write!" 

For me to take off my lazy pants, I jot down what I think, what I want to write, etc. on a scratch notebook. I have wasted plenty of days and memories that I haven't been able to write down. How can I backtrack to these meaningful entries someday? I haven't even wrote about them in the first place. So this made me came up with the idea of writing a series for myself, wherein I get to not just inspire myself but also my readers (hopefully). I've gathered a couple of quotes that are most fitted with what I feel this times and compile them to this entry. I do hope it would help me calm and take off all the negativity in my mind. I also hope that If you're feeling the same way as me, this entry will help you get better. Without further blabbings, scroll down and let the words take place in your heart.

Last words about my self, I'm pretty much an over thinker and I over think everything! From my relationship, to myself and worst, my future. I always feel negative about myself and my life. I know that even you, will tell me that I don't need to over think and just do your best everyday. I'm telling you now that it's not easy. I want to move forward but I can't. There are many people who are relying on me so I need to think of things an extra step ahead. I must not just decide and do it on point. So for now, I need to sit back and wait or the right time to move. I feel depressed doing this. Oh wait, not depressed but suppressed. I'm forced to sit back and sitting back will waste time. I'm tired of this repetitive cycle. How I wish all of this thoughts would leave me and make me be happy. Any way, I'm over thinking again. So before this entry turn into a novel because of what my mind is throwing out right now, I'll bid you farewell and have a beautiful and stress-free day!

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  1. Truly inspiring! Actually the last quote is my favorite because that was my mantra when I was still in the most complicated and frustrating moment in my life.