Food Review: Hotstar Large Fried Chicken

I know and I'm sure you have an idea on what this entry is all about. Every person do love this topic.. *drumroll please* FOOD! So today, I'm so excited to bring you my first ever food review! If you're thinking I'm smiling while writing this, you're definitely right! Maybe I should post often about food eh?

For today's food review: I'll bring you Hotstar Large Fried Chicken! Yey! This talk-of-the-town fast-food restaurant has a name for its gigantic fried chicken that will make you drool. I've heard great reviews about their chicken, and since then I've been wanting to try them out. 

My boyfriend and I checked out their branch at 500 Shaw Zentrum, Mandaluyong. It's just a jeep-ride away from where I work so I'm wondering, "Why just now?!". The fast-food restaurant is just right in front of the building so we spotted the place in no time. When we entered the place, I'm shocked that it's almost empty. I've never thought that this place would be bare unlike other famous restaurants. I think there are only less than 15 people including us and the staff. We're lucky that we don't have to wait in line or wait for available seats.

My friend recommended me the Original Fried Chicken so I ordered one. For my boyfriend, he got himself the Crispy Fried Chicken. We added an up-sized blue lemonade and a rice for each meal. My boyfriend ordered an additional 2 extra rice (That appetite!) and I ordered a fries for my starter. 

Before I forgot, they are offering free unlimited gravy refill so you'll get to enjoy the chicken without running out of gravy! They got us, they got us.

Even though I got the the Original one, I also got a taste of their Crispy Fried Chicken. So I'll review both chicken. You gotta thank me later, mate.

The original fried chicken is good but, for me, there's nothing special about this except of course, its size. Other than that, there's nothing else. Some are comparing the taste to Bonchon's Soy Garlic Chicken, but no. It doesn't even taste like one. The gravy doesn't help either. I'm quite disappointed in this. Maybe for a hungry and easily-impressed food enthusiast, this would definitely have a good review and too bad I'm not one. 

Moving on to their Crispy Fried Chicken, I think this one is much better than the original fried chicken. This have a distinct taste that I love. I think this one have more resemblance than Bonchon's but still, don't get your hopes up, It doesn't taste exactly alike. Given a choice to eat here again, I'll order this one just to play safe. Also, consider their blue lemonade, it's the bomb! It's not sweet nor bland. It's the right taste and I love it. 

Also, make sure that If you'll eat here please be ready for their chicken's serving size. I haven't finish half my meal so I had my boyfriend take care of that. If you'll ask my lemonade, then ask no more! I love it so I finished it till the last drop! My expectations on their Fried Chicken are not met, but still, I'm still a happy camper when I left Hotstar Large Fried Chicken. I'll still go back to this place. It's not worst or the best. But hey, I still enjoyed it, why not come back?

I know you're interested. Go check them out! Their website is at:

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  1. I am a fan of Bonchon's soy garlic fried chicken! Their original fried chicken looks weird. Haha. It looks like a porkchop. :))

    I've tried restaurants where I had the same experience as well. It's quite sad when you've expected too much on their food and it wasn't met. Hihi

    xo, Janine

    1. Bonchon is forever loved! I assure that. LOL. I learned my lesson now that every person's opinion on something is very much different.