My Life's Bucket List

After I traveled to Hundred Islands and conquered my fear of heights on trying cliff diving, I have thought of making my very own bucket list! When the idea struck my mind, I got so giddy to list all that I want to do in life. Life is short. I don't want to repeat my mistake on wasting my time during high school and college doing nothing at home. I want to make my life worth living and happy. That's why I came up with this blog entry.
So starting today, I will make sure to fulfill and scratch everything on this list. Here we go:

- have my own business (2018)
- go on hiking (January 2016)
- go camping (Calaguas 2016)
- bake pastries (January 2016)
- sell baked pastries (2018)
- own a pug (Owned a wonderful Yorkie Poo instead)
- go scuba diving
- go wake boarding
- ride a horse
- go helmet diving (March 2015)
- learn to drive
- learn the scorpion's pose
- swim inside a cave (March 2015)
- go cliff diving (March 2015)
- invest on stocks (2018)
- drive a motorcycle/scooter
- go mountain biking
- make a home-made pizza
- visit Disneyland
- visit Universal Studios
- visit Lego Land
- swim with dolphins
- stand beside a volcano's crater (January 2016)
- see a pyromusical event
- study web development/design specialization
- go white water rafting
- swim beside a waterfall (Kawasan Falls, Cebu 2017)
- visit London
- visit Paris
- visit New York
- visit California
- visit Australia
- visit Bali, Indonesia
- road trip from North Luzon to South Luzon
- try zipline
- ride an elephant
- live on my own
- save on my parent's vacation
- save on our family's vacation
- finish a whole sudoku book
- run a 5km marathon (December 2015)
- run a 10km marathon
- do aquathlon
- do triahtlon
- go snorkeling (March 2015) 
- feed penguins
- go vegetarian for a week
- cook my food for a month (2018)
- visit Brazil
- visit Santorini
- go to Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia (May 2014)
- visit the Petronas Towers (May 2012 and 2014)
- Go to the top of the Petronas Towers (May 2014)
- eat on a floating restaurant
- go on a cruise ship
- go to Masskara Festival in Bacolod
- ride an ATV
- go Kart racing
- go on a 1500 meter swim
- put on braces
- go pescitarian for a week
- bake a vegan cupcake
- bake our own pandesal
- touch the mouth of a live oyster (March 2015) 
- eye to eye with an eel
- perform/sing alone on stage
- join a choir
- venture web design freelancing
- go paddle boarding
- take calligraphy/typography classes
- take craft classes
- volunteer on charity work (Graces Home for the Elderly, February 2018)
- see a concert
- cut my hair short (July 2017)
- lose 40 pounds
- meet a blog friend/blogger
- make DIY projects
- go on a Ferris wheel
- hang my own painting on the wall
- donate a bag of clothes to those in need
- go to a drive-in movie
- go picnic on a beach
- donate my hair
- go to a lantern festival
- go/learn surfing (Calaguas 2016)
- go stargazing
- experience snow
- learn to play a guitar
- wear traditional clothing in other countries
- go island hopping (March 2015) 
- go on top of the Marina Bay Sands at Singapore
- travel with my best friend
- complete reading a book series
- go bowling
- sell at a bazaar
- go to Bora Bora
- swim with whale sharks
- see Cherry Blossoms
- get drunk
- paintball fight!
- experience laser tag
- play in Mystery Manila (Played multiple times at Breakout)
- rope swing into the water
- ride a segway

This is all that I can think of for today so, this is not yet final.  

Just sharing you what I saw on Tumblr. What are you still doing there?! Go now and make your bucket list (if you still don't have one) or else your bucket list might turn out like this :

Image from Nathan Crothers.

Cheers to many more experiences!

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  1. Wow, a bunch of them already being crossed out! Happy for you! :)
    I used to have a bucket list of sorts, I think I need to refresh it too!

    1. I'm so happy either that I have accomplished some. Let me know if you have your bucket list refreshed and let me read 'em! :)

  2. Meet a blogger friend is on my list too!