Moved Out: For a More Free and Open Environment

Starting today, this will be my new home. I've been thinking about this for quite a while and finally made a decision to finally move.

Moving platforms is so overwhelming. Starting from the template, to the dashboard up to the blogging process. But even though things changed drastically, I somehow love these changes. It even goes with the saying, change is good.

Tumblr has been my first choice ever since I started blogging. Through Tumblr, I learned how to code my own theme and be open to different kinds of design techniques and everything. Also, it showed me how talented each and every one is. Tumblr has been a very good home. But despite Tumblr's almost perfect image, I also have some downsides with Tumblr. Tumblr has been limiting me too much when it comes to uploading photos. Blog photos are essential to me since I really love taking photos and at the same time, I'm lazy uploading photos at third-party hosting sites. For a person like me, I don't think Tumblr is the right platform to blog at. By then, I knew, moving is definitely a must.

I must say, I have my hopes up on Blogger and I know, I really know, Blogger is the right one for me. This will be so exciting!

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  1. Wow, I honestly thought this was a Wordpress blog because the layout is just awesome!!! You designed and coded it yourself? DOUBLE AWESOME! I followed you on GFC right away! :)

    Anyway, I felt the same way too! I was on Tumblr before I moved here on Blogger as well. <3

    1. Hi Janine! I bought the base template for this and I did the tweaking and customization of fonts, colors etc! I can't remember sorry. But, thank you for the love on my blog. I will definitely bookmark your blog for me to visit and read often. Thanks again! ;)