Skincare Review: Ryx Skincerity Starter Kit

by - August 29, 2019


Last June, I'm searching for a new skin care set to try. I know that a certain set might not do all the wonders for you but, I'm so curious with  Ryx Skincerity that I want to try their whole set. Ryx Skincerity is an established brand were there are plenty of people telling that their products work like magic. Gone are their acne and acne-marks! So imagine my curiosity if it will also clear up my skin and give me the glow that I want. 

Ryx Skincerity Review

I opted to buy the Ryx Skincerity BeYOUTHiful Starter Set since it contains 4 travel-sized products. Perfect for those who want to try their products without buying the whole size. The starter set contains:

  • Rejuvinating Facial Wash (60ml)
  • Rejuvinating Toner (60ml)
  • Sunscreen with SPF60
  • Rejuvinating Serum (30ml)
Product Review

Disclaimer: this post contains my honest review of Ryx Skincerity BeYOUTHiful Starter Set. My opinion is mine and doesn't mean you'll experience them too. 

First impression, the smell of the facial wash and serum is not good. At first it smells ok but when you slather it all over your face, the smell just turns me off. No joke. It is tolerable since I'm not sensitive to smell but, I cringe every time I apply it to my face. The toner has the same smell too but it has the smell of alcohol as well. As for their sunscreen, it's a different story, it's fragrant unlike the other 3 products.

How to use Ryx Skincerity
Ryx Skincerity Ingredients

I love their packaging. It is very sleek and minimal. I love a minimal packaging as it gives me the impression of a clean product. The packaging is also informative as it tells the best time for you to apply the product (day/night). There are also product information at the back of the bottle such as the application directions, product information, and ingredients. Definitely a plus as you don't need to keep the box and google the product if you need the product information later on.


Ryx Skincerity Rejuvinating Facial Wash Review

Rejuvinating Facial Wash - The facial wash is a clear gel that doesn't produce much bubble when applied. As mentioned earlier, I don't like the smell as it smells like off when slathered. I felt a little tightening/drying after I wash my face with this facial wash.

Ryx Skincerity Rejuvinating Toner Review

Rejuvinating Toner - This product doesn't smell nice and it smells like alcohol too. It is stings/tightens my skin after applying.

Ryx Skincerity Rejuvinating Sun Shield Review

Sunscreen with SPF60 - My favorite in the set. It is a slightly creamy, and watery moisturizer that is suited for my oily skin. I love it's matte finish after applying. This is a perfect base for my makeup.

Ryx Skincerity Rejuvinating Serum Review

Rejuvinating Serum - This has the same smell as the facial wash and toner. The serum does it's purpose, it makes my face look moisturized.

The set is very cheap! it costs Php450 on Shopee/Lazada (depending on the seller). I like that it also comes with travel sizes as it allows the people to try the products before buying the bigger ones. Definitely worth the price.

A month later...
I had pimples popping on my skin, usually on the middle of my brows, on my cheeks, and on my chin. This is where I usually had pimples so I think i had purging on the first few weeks. I discontinued using the products after I got the pimples since I'm scared that it might be acne breakouts. I will leave a difference between purging and acne breakouts below. As I said, my experience will not be the same with yours or someone else. It will depend on your own skin on how it will react to the products.

Image from Well and Good

I'm also not sure if the smell is normal or I bought a old/fake set (I guess not. As the shop where I bought it seems legit). I will also leave the Shopee shop where I bought it below. 

Ryx Skincerity Rejuvinating Set @ Shopwithbonita:

Let me know if you had the same experience as mine. Also, let me know if I made a review for a old/fake set. I don't know if the bothering smell is normal, or I just had an old/fake set. Inform us and leave your thoughts on the comments below.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day! 

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